What A week-end! Every year we like to participate in a few wedding shows in the Ottawa area and we started off 2017 with a bang at the Wedding Palace Bridal Show. The past few years I’ve used the same setup, a wall that my father built for me, bright purple with a few prints. This year I wanted to tweak things up a bit. I’ve been seeing palette walls all over pinterest and thought it would be a really cute idea to create a booth out of palettes. So I went on a hunt, found palettes and here we are! The wall was built by a brides father for a photobooth which was totally perfect. My dad worked on it, made it fit my needs better, built a shelf, I white washed it and voila! Our fantastic backdrop for the week-end. He also made the lovely table for me, I have the best dad right? My prints are from an amazing lab out in Montreal (support Canadians!) and I wanted to show off both my bright and airy side as well as a little moodier side to show clients that it’s totally possible to achieve both looks. Florals were provided by the amazing Katherine at Pollen Nation. She showed up at my booth with that 8foot Eucalyptus garland and I just died at how beautiful it was and how amazing my booth smelled for the entire week-end!

      The decor I used was purchased throughout the year and really pulls from my love for crystals and geometric shapes as well as my love for Rose Gold and Gold. I had so much fun designing this booth in the hopes that people would be attracted to it and would see my work and envision themselves on those prints hanging on the wall one day. Both days were a a total blast! I had a great time meeting couples planning their wedding day, talking to me about their ideas, dreams, and plans for everything that was to come and hoping that I could help them along the way.  And after chatting it up with everyone, they were left with a lovely treat. It’s my secret weapon, candy and chocolate makes everyone happy!

      We got over 200 entries in our Draw so we actually decided to amp things up a bit. We are still giving away 3 free engagement sessions, but we will also give away four credit vouchers worth $75 toward the purchase of an album. Without Further ado, The lucky Winners are…

      Winners of the Free Engagement sessions:
      Holly Campbell
      Kim Pham-Huy
      Ashley L

      Winners of the $75 Credit:
      Amanda Green
      Talia Makuch
      Janie Boucher
      Annick Myette

      Congratulations to all the happy winners!

      *Please contact Samantha for further details.

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