Valérie & Mathieu: In Home Maternity

February 18, 2018

They’re having a baby! I’d been waiting for this day for so long. I’ve known these two since elementary/high school and when they started dating I was super happy. When they got engaged, I was even happier. When they got married, lord knows how happy I was then (I mean just look at how beautiful they are). And when they announced that they were expecting, I was ecstatic! We had planned this session in late 2017 and on the day of the shoot they were calling for rain but when I woke up the sky was blue and the sun was shining so I was happy to see no rain on my radar. But of course as I made my way to their home, literally 5mins down the road from their place, it started to rain Freezing rain. I called Val to see if she wanted to proceed and we both decided we would chance it since I was pretty much already there, and I’m happy we did! I walked into their new home and my eyes lit up with all the natural light from the massive windows everywhere! I was also greeted by their adorable fur baby, Lexie. Val walked me into the babies nursery and as much as I liked their main room, I loved this room even more. An entire corner window for light! So pretty! Not to mention the beautiful white and neutral decor. There was even a feather mobile above the crib which was handmade by Val, dipped in gold no less. We wandered around the house and took cozy photos, doing our best to accentuate Val’s adorable little baby bump. Guys, she’s 8months pregnant and tiny! I’m sure many women are jealous of this haha. We then decided to make our way out and test the air, literally. We walked through the trails around their home and had some fun in the snow while Lexie ran all over the place, but was so kind as to sit still for a few family photos. Although a mild day by Canada Winter Standards, it was still cold without a jacket so we opted to run back in for a last batch of photos so Mat could warm up ;). Val wanted to do a few more intimate photos showing off her bump and they are some of my favourite of the series. All in all, we can’t way for you to make your way into the world little baby Soucie ♥ xo

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