Steph & Robbie: Engaged!

July 24, 2017

What a session! Okay first off, back story on my end, I’ve known Stephanie since we were weeeeee little children, probably around 8-10years old. We grew up playing Ringette together but because of our age difference, once I changed teams we kind of drifted away. Well now she’s a grown a** boss woman who owns a Hair Salon and is getting married to the love of her life! And I’m so proud of her ♥ So we planned the shoot around a specific timeline for their Save the Dates (coming soon!). We decided to head on over to Jessup’s Falls just outside of Wendover to get a little water scenery and trees. We arrived close to sunset, to our happy surprise their was a Rainbow in the distance so we decided to take a few shots with it in the background before running off again. Not gonna lie though, within minutes of escaping our cars we were being eaten alive by bugs and obviously none of us brought bug spray (MY BAD GUYS!). So with that we decided, welp nope we aren’t doing this for an hour so let’s head on back over to Rockland and aim to continue the session at the Marina, and stop to get bug spray on the way.

The marine was pretty much bugless, thank God. But it was full of people, which made Steph a little shy at first but it didn’t take long for her to not care and just enjoy the time in front of the camera. We rocked the dock, snuggled and kissed, well Steph and Robbie did, and shot it all. They were such good sports about it all too! Steph even took her heals off to climb down the rock wall onto the rocks in the water, can’t ask for better clients when they’re willing to do anything to get shots! During this time, there was a group of people, about 5-7 of them, that seemed to want to watch but from a close and uncomfortable distance. They literally just hovered behind me while I shot and watched and talked, kinda super awkward but hey, what are you gonna do? We finished the session off with the setting sun, which didn’t give us that usual golden light but more of a purple and blue sunset on the water. It was pretty beautiful, not to mention the happy couple gave me a gorgeous Dip Kiss. Thanks for being such good sports and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next summer! xox

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