Sophie and Ryan have been together for 12 years and on Sunday, July 25th at Bean Town Receptions, they officially tied the knot! I’ve known these two for about 11 of those 12 years and I can honestly say, they are the kindest, most loving and cool couple I know. Ryan is a musician with the most ridiculous (in a good way) sense of humour. Sophie, who is also a musician, is the most beautiful soul ever who loves animals so much. They’re a perfect match and when they asked me to capture their day, I was so honoured and obviously said yes. My time with them was short, just 3hours, enough to cover their ceremony and portraits but it was time well spent and Sophie and Ryan were just a dream.

I arrived at Bean Town Receptions to find Ryan awaiting his horse chariot to take him to the ceremony space and we caught up for a few minutes before getting into positions. The ceremony was held outdoors and we had the most perfect weather (well it was a little hot Sophie would tell you haha). Ryan walked down with both mums and they both looked so proud to be there for he and Sophie. I told Ryan as he waited at the front that he couldn’t look in the Pavilions direction because I didn’t want him catching a glimpse of Sophie until she was at the end of the aisle. And I think he actually listened!

Sophie made her way out and she looked absolutely ravishing. Her dress was stunning, her hair and makeup were perfect, and she was glowing. She held it together so well until she got to the front of the aisle where the tears welled in her eyes and Ryan watched on with a bit smile on his face. Ryan’s mum Liz was a puddle of tears as she watched on, so proud of her son. The ceremony was beautiful and there was no shortage of tears, but laughter as well. Ryan’s little brother Jayden presented them with their rings and stayed with them until the rings had been exchanged and off he went to his seat. After a few more moments, they were finally pronounced husband and wife and their 12 year relationship finally started its new chapter as they kissed for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. A couple more kisses and off they were on their buggy ride around the property.

We spent the rest of the early evening hanging out, taking family photos, relaxing and of course the beautiful couple photos around Bean Town Receptions beautiful property. Sophie didn’t want to take all this time for portraits but we were able to sweet talk her into giving us a little extra time and I absolutely think it was worth it. Just look at how beautiful they are.

We finished things off with time to spare and Sophie and Ryan were able to go enjoy some of their cocktail hour with their guests, just chatting, laughing and having a nice cold drink (well deserved).

I ended my night with photographing their big entrance into the main hall and the energy was palpable! At that point though, I think everyone was just so excited to eat and enjoy their night away. And with that I say, congratulations Sophie and Ryan and cheers to this next chapter in you lives, love you xox

Vendor Love:
Venue: Bean Town Receptions
Dress: Renewed With Love Bridal Boutique
Flowers: The Suburban Home
Officiant: Geneviève Finsten, Bean Town Receptions Owner
Photography: Samantha of Samantha Danis Photography

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