Sarah & Luke: Fall engagement

October 23, 2017

Yay for winners! Sarah entered our draw to win a free engagement shoot and here we are, less than a month later and out to enjoy the fall crisp air. We had to reschedule the shoot due to crappy weather and unfortunate events but I think it worked for the best in the long run. Sarah messaged me a few days before the shoot asking about the location I had shot at for a previous session I did because she fell in love with the look of it. I totally agreed and knew it would look completely different due to the time of day so I was all for it. The morning came and it was a hot day, like 20+ degrees and sunny with beautiful little fluff balls of clouds in the sky. We met at the Greenhouses and were so excited to get started! We took advantage of the sun and shots outside the beautiful reflective buildings only to realize we could actually go in one of the Greenhouses! As it turns out it’s a circular one with a beautiful tropical garden inside. We walked around, got super hot (who knew tropical greenhouses could be so hot, yeah I did), I even sat on a cactus and seriously it hurt but at least I was able to warn Luke not to sit there haha. We tried to enter the other greenhouse but it was locked so we opted to go walk around the area and see what else it could give us. And it gave us a treasure trove of locations, from the greenhouse, to an old brick building, a field full of beautiful trees and an old victorian style house. We had everything and it was amazing. Not only was the location amazing to work with but so were these two. They pretended like I wasn’t there which is actually perfect because they acted as natural as natural could be in this type of situation, I had to ask them if they do this every week-end cause they were such naturals at it. We ended the session with some cuddles and kisses under a tree and it was just perfect. Can’t wait to get these out to you Sarah & Luke ♥

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