Renée-Anne & Mathieu: Cumberland Heritage Museum

September 4, 2017

September 2nd 2017, 9years, 9months and 2days ago, Renée-Anne and Mathieu met while working and it was love at first sight. Over the years they have shared many amazing first. First date, first kiss, prom, first condo, first cat and now their first home. But September 2nd 2017 was their favourite first to date and they got to share it with their closest friends and family.

I started my day at their current home where all the girls were getting ready and waiting impatiently for my arrival. I got there and they were all beautified in lovely robes Renée-Anne got for them. We took a couple shots of them hanging out and I was off to do my thing to capture the days details starting with her amazingly beautiful dress. Seriously how pretty is it? And how beautiful are the invites and rings, everything about their wedding day was beautiful. Our lovely bride got dressed in her room with the help of her mom and sister as well as beautiful little niece Vienna watching her aunt become the princess that she is. The dress was zipped, buttons done up, earrings on and she turned as her bridesmaids appeared in the door and they all looked at her with the biggest grins on their faces, they were just in aw. Vienna looked at her aunt and called her a princess, and on this day she truly was, Princess Renée-Anne.

The bride and groom opted to have vow books which they exchanged before the big day and read privately away from prying eyes. I’m sad I wasn’t there to witness it but I did get to read a little excerpt;

On that note I can’t wait to see you today and see how beautiful you are. I love you very much. From the first moment till the last. You will always be my only xo- Mathieu

It was time for Renée-Anne to see her dad Marc for the first time as a beautiful bride. She made her way down the beautiful staircase where her father closed his eyes until it was time to open then, and just like that his little girl was in front of him in a white dress, about to be married. He looked at her silent as the tears welled up in his eyes and he held his arms out to hug her. I turned to find her mom in full tears as she watched the beautiful moment shared between father and daughter. She then said hello to her cat Molly who finally made her way out of hiding and then we went out for some photos with these beautiful ladies before making our way to the ceremony site to marry these sweethearts.

I arrived at the Cumberland Heritage Museum to find many many guests already enjoying the beautiful outdoor ceremony site and amazing weather. I had in my mind that they would be getting married at the Gazebo at the back of the museum but I was so excited to see that they were going to be married under the tree covered pathway. It was so beautiful and simple with white chairs on either side of the aisle, beautiful little containers with flowers, an arch with fabric and flower accents and a welcome sign telling guests to sit wherever they like as everyone is family now. Mathieu awaited at the front of the aisle full of smiles as he watched the ladies walk out and then finally his beautiful bride with her parents. He couldn’t help but beam that beautiful smile her way as Renée-Anne smiled and laughed while she looked at all the guests who had come to witness such a magical moment that was many years in the making. OH and guys, the girls walked down to Concerning Hobbit ( TWO WEEKENDS WITH LOTR SONGS) and our lovely bride walked down to JURASSIC WORLD! I have the coolest clients ever, I wish I were that cool to think about these amazing songs. Back to our story though. The ceremony was short and sweet, our bride and groom opted to recite traditional vows as their personal vows had been read privately earlier in the day. Stories about them both were told by the officiant, whom is Renée-Anne’s uncle and he was able to get everyone laughing and even a few people in tears as he himself teared up recounting stories of a little Renée-Anne running around, getting her first pair of skates and so many other adorable things. Then came the rings, oh the rings. As her uncle asked for the rings, Renée-Anne looks at me because I had taken them with me to bring to the ceremony as  I am a) trustworthy b) I do it all the time and c) my bag never leaves my side so you know they’re gonna make it there.  I just stared at her from the middle of the aisle with a ”I don’t have them” look on my face, because I didn’t. I gave them to the best man when I first arrived to the museum so when they looked around and nobody came forward I was so confused. And then lo and behold the best man pops them out of his pocket making us all worry! So not funny, but kinda funny at the same time. As the bride and groom recited vows, and stumbling a little through them, and laughing as they put the rings on each others fingers they finally had done it. They were husband and wife and they shared a big Ole’ kiss before finally walking down the aisle with massive smiles on their faces.

We did an awesome group shot right then and there before jumping right into our family photos. Which were great with only a few issues such as, one unhappy little ring bearer who wanted nothing to do with the lady with camera but we got a few and lord am I ever thankful for those moments I can get their attention haha. We then grabbed out wedding party and walked around the area to find some pretty spots for photos including the beautiful green house that served as the background during the ceremony which also happened to have apple trees around the corner. It just so happens one of the groomsmen, Marty was very hungry and grabbed and apple from the tree and gobbled it right up. We moved back to the tree covered area since it was just so beautiful and I made them work for their shots. I made them run and even jump in this gravel and they were troopers, they questioned me, but they did it! Renée-Anne had requested a funny shot of each person in the wedding party and we had such a good time and a good laugh doing these, I just had to share the collage. We even got a little Darth Vader action going on between Renée-Anne and the boys and a cuddle session between Mathieu and his guys.

It was time for the wedding party to go enjoy the cocktail hour while I hung out with the bride and groom for a little longer before going to join their guests. We wandered around the property looking for the perfect spot, the beautiful sun, and just that magic touch we were wanting to get out of these portraits. Of course we had to start where the ceremony was held, I mean it was where they were pronounced husband and wife after all. We chatted throughout the session, talking about their plans, honeymoon and how the planning of the day at come to be and it was honestly just such a nice calm afternoon. We weren’t rushed because of how much time we had before the reception was to start so we took our time to find little spots that were romantic but not too rustic cause Renée-Anne wasn’t all about that cheesy stuff haha. She even questioned my shot with them both under the veil but c’mon, it’s classic and absolutely beautiful, you can’t hate on that. We even made our way out into the blistering sun in a field and had to use a few tricks to keep the wind from tearing her veil off of her head but we made it work. We ended the session with a quick cuddle session by the backdoors of the church on site and hopped into my car, yes I chauffeur my clients now and I loved it.

We arrived at the reception space at the Community Centre in Bourget only for my memories to click in; This is where I use to play soccer. Wait they were having their wedding here? I walked into the space and was soooooo pleasantly surprised by what awaited me. At the entrance was white fabric draped all over the walls, a hanging Instagram frame for photo booth pictures, beautiful gold accent decor and a Seating chart that was to die for! When you walked into the room though there was an even more amazing set up awaiting me. A double level head table with white linens, gold sequin accent runners, tall and short candle votives, a white leather tufted bride and grooms love seat, white draping and blue uplighting and just soooo much pretty-ness. The guests tables and two different style centrepieces including a long tree like piece and floating candle votives, with beautiful little name cars and water bottles with personalized labels. Mine just so happened to say Chug it like it’s Wine, so appropriate. The wedding favours were the best I’ve ever had, they had a little special message talking about doughnuts and when you opened the box there were Suzy Q mini doughnuts, guys I got to eat a Maple Bacon doughnut before dinner, it was absolute amazing and so satisfying. I almost wanted to go around and steal one of the oreo doughnuts but I think that may have been a little too much.

The MC for the evening was Mathieu’s brother, Samuel and boy did he rock his roll. He started the introductions by RUNNING and JUMPING around the room while yelling; ”When I say yo, you say what” and it was just crazy and fun and just awesome. He even popped some confetti before introducing the wedding party for their grand entrance. I only stayed for a portion of the reception but the parts I got to witness were great. I got to watch people spin a Kissing wheel that just so happened to land on ”Mom and dad of the groom kiss” and Bride and groom kiss so often that I think their lips got chapped by the time I left.  Stories were told by both sets of parents which brought everyone in the room to laughter and again even a few tears. In between these speeches were the Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances which both had their own special touches. A family friend sang a live rendition of ”I saw her first” for the Mother-Son dance (obviously the lyrics were changed to I saw HIM first) but it was very sweet. Renée-Anne and her dad on the other hand started to dance to and emotional song only for it to switch out to Gangnam Style and they wiped out their sunglasses and dance to the hit and had an awesome time doing it. I ended my night eating desert which the bride obligated me to since she loves me so much and wanted to fatten me up before my drive home (love you RA :P). All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better day in every way imaginable and I am so thankful for it. Friends weddings have a special place in my heart and this was no exception. Thank you Renée-Anne and Mathieu for sharing your suzy Q doughnuts with me, and of course all the sweetness that comes from your relationship. I know that married life is going to be amazing for you two xox


Makeup & Hair: Beautigo Mobile
Wedding Dress: With Love Bridal Boutique – Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids Dresses: With Love Bridal Boutique – Sorella Vita
Décor: Sage Designs
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Moore’s Clothing
Jewelry: Aldo
Venue: Cumberland Heritage Museum
Photographer: SD photography


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