Pine Grove Trail Wedding: Tyler and Jeff

Pine Grove Trail, you do not disappoint, like ever. I started 2021 in my happy place, at a wedding! One we weren’t even sure was going to happen given the newly imposed lockdown on December 26th.

Originally Tyler and Jeff were going to elope, just them and witnesses. But in the fall they decided they wanted their immediately there with them. So here we were looking for a venue that could accommodate such a request. Well when it came down to it, they wanted outdoors, woodsy scenery with snow. Well, I suggested Pine Grove Trail and it turned out to be the perfect location!

They surprised their families with a gift announcing their wedding on Christmas day, what a surprise that was! I know because day of, the moms were talking about how they thought it was going to be a pregnancy announcement haha.

Back to covid though… Planning a wedding with ever changing restrictions isn’t easy, I understand that completely because I too am in the process of planning my own April wedding! So when Mr. Ford imposed the new lockdown, we were scared of what it would mean for this New Years Day Wedding. Tyler reached out to me immediately and I did some digging. Well after reading the official Ontario Documents and an email from head of Ottawa By-Law, it was confirmed that the small outdoor wedding could still take place. So on we went!

New Years Day was fairly mild and we’d gotten some snow a few days before so we were lucky to not have a ‘’green’ new years like we did Christmas. Everyone arrived at Pine Grove, Tyler and their son Griffin being the last to arrive, and we got the ball rolling almost immediately. The bride and groom tried to avoid seeing each other as they took turns signing their wedding license on the trunk bed of the officiants car (pretty casual and standard covid me thinks). We walked over to the main portion of the trail the happy couple had chosen a few days before and started the ceremony.

Parents remained near by, flanking the couple while their siblings and niece hung back giving them space. Most people were so kind and respectful and either watched from afar or went off trail so they wouldn’t interfere with the photos (THANK YOU TO THOSE PEOPLE).

View from behind the bride and groom during their New Years Day wedding in Ottawa showing Pine Grove Trail in all it's beauty.Ottawa Bride walks down the aisle with her father on her New Years Day Surprise Wedding at Pine Grove Trail. Groom waits for his bride in the trails at Pine Grove while she walks down with her father during this micro wedding. View from behind the bride and groom during their New Years Day wedding in Ottawa showing Pine Grove Trail in all it's beauty. Bride's mom looks lovingly as her daughter get's married at Pine Grove Trail Ottawa Wedding Photographer emotions Bride and groom hold hands during their ceremony in Pine Grove Trails during their intimate New Years Day wedding Wide angle photograph of a micro wedding held at Pine Grove Trail during the Pandemic Bride and grooms 3 year old son and ring bearer holds onto his dad's leg during their micro wedding at Pine Grove trail View from behind the bride and groom during their New Years Day wedding in Ottawa showing Pine Grove Trail in all it's beauty. Happy family of three during Pine grove Micro Wedding Ottawa Samantha Danis Photography

Keith from Exceptional Ceremonies officiated the ceremony beautifully as he made sure to turn and include those present, especially little Griffin of course. The vows were short and sweet with lots of laughter to be had by all, especially Jeff. He just couldn’t stop smiling from the moment he saw Tyler. When Griffin walked over to hand over the rings, he decided he wanted to stick with mom and dad, and so he did! Through the ring exchange, and first kiss! He was just cuddled up to mom while holding her bouquet.

After some quick family photos, we opted to pop one of two bottles of champagne. Well Jeff had never popped one before so he didn’t shake it and just popped the cork off directly. When he realized it didn’t pop, he threw it in the air making it seem like it popped but Jeff, I got it on camera, I see your arm reaching, that bottle did not pop sir! But he made up for it by shaking it and making it spray which got everyone in a cheering and laughing mood! A quick toast with those they love, a good bye to their son as he spent the night at Grand-ma and Grand-pa’s and off we were for some portraits. Ottawa Bride stands behind her groom as she looks lovingly at him. Winter wedding Ottawa View from behind the bride and groom during their New Years Day wedding in Ottawa showing Pine Grove Trail in all it's beauty. Bride and groom hold hands as they walk down the snow covered trails of Pine Grove Ottawa Intimate Wedding Beautiful winter scene in Ottawa's Pine Grove trail as a bride and groom dance during their portrait session with Samantha Danis Photography Stunning Bride Tyler shows off her wedding gown during her Winter Wedding Portraits Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Bride and Groom caresses during their New Years Day Winter Wedding during covid-19 Pandemic View from behind the bride and groom during their New Years Day wedding in Ottawa showing Pine Grove Trail in all it's beauty. Bride Tyler looks at the camera as her new Husband holds her. Wedding portraits Ottawa Photographer Intimate Wedding

The parking for Pine Grove was so busy that cars were parked on both sides of the streets so I thought the trails would be much busier than they were ultimately. We wandered down the main trail looking for openings, light, greenery, and we found it all. Just like any couple, we started portraits simple and ‘’prom’’ like but within minutes, these two warmed up and their personalities came out. My favourite moment was probably when they spun together in the snow and skipped along while walking. It was completely sweet to see.

Half way through, Tyler shook things up by putting on this super cute pink sweater and her ivory mittens making this winter wedding, extra winter! We snuck off trail and sat on a log for some cute cuddling shots and when I asked Jeff to straddle the log… well he literally fell over! It wasn’t like a dramatic fall either, he was trying to squat down but the log was slightly angled and it happened in slow mo as he fell over. Luckily no one was hurt and we all laughed about it.

We wandered around a little more, making our way over to the cars where we finished things off by popping that last bottle of champagne. Which I am proud to say, Jeff actually popped this one! His facial expression progressing as it happened is the cutest thing and Tyler was initially scared but then just cheered him on as it sprayed once more. Thankfully we saved this for last because her dress had so many water spots on it haha. I actually wanted to end things by taking photos of their rings with their engraved glasses but alas, the cold made all of our fingers swell and those rings were not coming off no time soon. So we opted to end things with a nice passionate kiss ;).

Sitting on a log at Pine Grove Trail, husband and wife cuddle for warmth ont heir New Years Day wedding in Ottawa, Ontario Winter Wedding. New Husband and Wife hold hands during their portraits at their winter wedding in Ottawa. Samantha Danis Photography Ottawa couple kiss New Years Wedding double exposure Pine grove Trail Ottawa Wedding Photographer Best photographer Ottawa Bride cuddles her new husband while sitting on a wooden post during their intimate wedding at Pine Grove Trail Ottawa Ottawa Wedding Photographer captures a husband and wife's kiss during bridal portraits. Bride and groom hold hands as they walk along Pine Grove Trail in Ottawa on their winter wedding. Ottawa Wedding Photographer, best photographer, luxury photography. Bride and groom pop champagne on their cold winter wedding day in Ottawa, Ontario.Bride and groom cheers and kiss with their engraved wedding champagne flutes Ottawa Winter Wedding Close up of an engraved champagne flut for New Years Day wedding filled with moet Ottawa Wedding. Ottawa wedding photographer captures bride and groom in their final moments of their wedding day in a winter wedding Micro wedding at Pine Grove trail. Samantha Danis Photography

Even with the ups and downs of a covid or pandemic wedding, I think Tyler and Jeff made this one work so perfectly for them and we truly got a lovely day. Thank you for including me in this milestone of your lives and I hope your Keg Steak Dinner was fabulous xoxo

Wedding Vendors:
Hair- Taylor Cameron 
Makeup- Lauren Ross 
Wedding Dress- from Sinders Bridal, designer is Stella York
Groom- Jimmy’s Fine Suits
Officiant- Keith at Exceptional Ceremonies 

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