Ottawa Elopement: Ashley & Michaël

When a Pandemic hits the entire World and you’re set to get married, what does one do? Well you PIVOT and do an Ottawa Elopement at Walter Baker Park instead! This Pandemic has been difficult on absolutely everyone and these two are no exception. Ashley & Michaël have been in it deep since day one as Ashley is a PSW meaning one of our front line workers and Mic is a Music Teacher in a High School so needless to say it’s been quite interesting for them both. They held out hope that their wedding would be able to proceed on August 22nd as originally planned but alas, Covid-19 had other plans and they chose to postpone to 2021 to be able to have their big celebration… However, they toyed with the idea of doing a ”minimony” on their original date where they would legally get married as intended with only a few select guests.

After thinking about it, they chose to go ahead with it and I am so happy they did! They needed a location that would be outdoors but offer a covered area in case of rain and of course they wanted something beautiful. After having my own Minimony just a few weeks before, I suggested Walter Baker Park and it ended up being perfect for them. And so this Ottawa Elopement or ”minimony” as we’ve so fondly come to call them, was finally going to happen!

Standing under the willow tree, Ottawa couple get their first husband and wife photo taken after their Minimony at Walter Baker Park.I arrived at the park to find Ashley hanging out with her family by the cars while the rest of the their guests and of course Mic were at the gazebo. She looked absolutely stunning and I simply couldn’t get over her super cute red suede heels. After a quick chat I walked on over to the gazebo to find Mic finalizing everything and anticipating his brides arrival. Once we figured out where everything was going to happen, we got everyone in place and finally we called Ashley to let her know it was time. She and her family walked from the parking lot down to the willow tree where her handsome groom awaited her impatiently. His smile lit up as she came into view and I could see tears welling in Ashley’s eyes.

The ceremony was absolutely lovely and consisted of standard vows as well as their personal vows which had everyone laughing and some even crying (I’m looking at you momma’s). Their voices trembled and broke a little as they spoke their vows to each other, trying their best to keep it all together which they did in the end. We all had a few laughs as Mic’s best man whipped out the wedding bands already fastened on both of his pinky’s like ”BAM here they are” as well as some laughs thanks to their officiants wonderful sense of humour. They exchanged rings and a beautiful first kiss full of smiles to finally be announced as Mr. and Mrs. Pineault. After a quick champagne pop and a group photo, I stole these two (and the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid) to walk along the area and have our little portrait session. We got some stunning light throughout the evening and I knew these two were just going to be amazing.
Local handmade calligraphy sign for a elopement at Ottawa's Walter Baker Park photographed by Samantha Danis Photography Ottawa Groom and L'Escale Music Teacher waits under a willow tree at an Ottawa Park waiting for his bride. Ottawa bride Ashley walking down the makeshift aisle at Walter Baker Park for her minimony during a pandemic by Samantha Danis Photography Ottawa couple and family stand under a willow tree at Walter Baker park during their elopement in August in Kanata. Ottawa Wedding photographer Ottawa couple hold hands under the willow tree during their minimony or elopement at Kanata's Walter Baker park during sunset. Photographed through the willow leaves and framing our Ottawa Brides face perfectly during their elopement ceremony. Sun shines through the willow tree as an Ottawa Bride and groom tell each other their vows during their elopement. Samantha Danis Photography Close up of Ottawa Bride Ashley at the Gazebo in Walter Baker Park during her minimy and this covid-19 pandemic. L'Escale music teacher reciting his vows to his soon to be bride. Ceremony held in Walter Baker Park Kanata, Ontario Best man takes the rings out to give to Ottawa Officiant Marc during a minimony or elopement in Kanta Ottawa Bride and Groom kiss for the first time after being pronounced husband and wife. Beautiful Gown by Stella York and Rings by Michael Hill.

that first look you give each other afte rbeing pronounced husband and wife. Ottawa Wedding Photographer.

that first look you give each other afte rbeing pronounced husband and wife. Ottawa Wedding Photographer.

Not your standard elopement since so many people attended but so much love can be seen! Ottawa petite Weddings.
I asked them to slow dance under some tree cover while the sun shined through the trees but I know how that can feel odd… So I asked them what their first dance song is going to be and Ashley said: ”Perfect by Ed Sheeran”. My brain automatically went to ”AWWWW yay” and then to oh I don’t have time to whip out my phone… Instead I did the next best thing, I sang it. Yes folks that’s right, you also get a personal serenader when you hire me as your photographer! Haha, but in all honesty it was super cute and it made them laugh and smile which is always my goal. We walked through fields of ”pic-pics” which is french slang for spiky plants that can hurt you (which I stepped on one yay… and I crashed into a branch) and found beautiful spots to sit and cuddle while the sunsets as well as this adorable wooden bridge.

Who knew Walter Baker Park had so much to offer, right? We finished things off by capturing a few more photos by the pond ending our perfect little evening. I’m so stoked for next years wedding but so incredibly happy I was able to celebrate with them on their original date in the end. See you next year lovers xox.
Ottawa Couple caress under the willow tree at Walter Baker Park during their elopement photo session Ottawa Wedding Photographer People watching in a public park was no problem for these two. Husband and Wife, during a prfect Ottawa Summer. Samantha Danis Photography Beautiful Ottawa Pond and water fountain at Walter Baker Park in Kanata with a happy and smiling couple. Sitting ona log while cuddling, Ottawa couple take a photo during sunset at this beautiful Location in Kanata. Ottawa bride and Groom dance under the setting sun while listening to Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Serenade in Ottawa. Singing Photographer. Sparkle veil covers both Ottawa Bride and Groom face to make for a dreamy romantic kiss shot under the setting sun. Ottawa Wedding Photographer. Bride and Groom sitting in a field outside of Kanata's Walter Baker Park. Cuddling and kissing while the sun sets behind them. Lounging in a field, Ottawa Couple enjoy a private moment to themselves as they kiss while the sun sets behind them. Samantha Danis Photography Ottawa Bride leads her new Husband through a golden field during sunset, Happiness is the goal and we got it! Samantha Danis Photography. When the light is just right, the groom takes his wife and kisses her passionately. Little wooden bridges are all over many Ottawa parks and Walter Baker is no exception. Ottawa couple stand during sunset cuddling on a bridge. Ottawa Wedding Photographer Ottawa Bride and Groom look directly into a Nikon D750 for an Official bridal portrait during sunset in Kanata. Minimony Elopement. Bride and groom hold hands while looking in opposite direction. Background includes a beautiful field and tree at Kanata's Walter Baker Park. Ottawa Wedding Photographer. Groom dip kisses his new wife in a field in Kanata, Ottawa. Sunset skin and blue skies for this Ottawa Couple. Cuddles at the Pond at Walter Baker Park with the wedding gazebo in the background during sunsets final lights. Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis Photography Beautiful florals are the Backdrop to these beautiful Rose Gold Michael Hill rings at this Ottawa Elopement and Petite Wedding.

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