Ornamental Gardens Engagement: Alma and Pat

June 25, 2020
When Alma and Pat suggest the Ornamental Gardens for their engagement session, I was pretty stoked. Better yet, they also wanted the tropical greenhouse which is one of my favourite places in Ottawa. But alas, our planned spring session among the blossoms was squashed when covid-19 came around. I knew Alma was sad about it because she was really wanting the flowers and I felt horrible. I kept an eye out on any news of photographers being able to go back to work but the two weeks we have the blooms came and went and there was no sign of movement on the governments part.

One morning I awoke to an excited instagram message from Alma… The Government had announced that we could go back to work starting the next week!!! I cried so hard. And just like that, we were free to plan their engagement session again. But then came the dilemma of being able to photograph on NCC property. The Ornamental Gardens just so happen are a part of NCC. But luckily after asking around we were informed that we were 100% allowed to proceed. And so we planned their engagement session for that very Sunday morning! It was an absolutely beautiful morning. The sun was bright with some passing clouds with just enough of a breeze that we weren’t madly overheating.

Alma and Pat had informed me that they would be bringing their dog and I happily obliged. They brought their friend Isabel with them to watch over Bo when we didn’t need him for photos. Boy was he ever so well behaved, I was pleasantly surprised! The Ornamental Gardens were extremely busy of course. The Peonies were in their final week of blooming as were the majority of the flowers. We wandered around the property, stopping in every pretty spot we could. Alma really wanted the peonies so we wandered over. That was definitely a tough one as everyone was there for the peonies and people would walk into all of our shots! Let me tell you, I did a lot of editing to make it seem like no one was around us in these haha.

Engaged couple ornamental gardens Ottawa german shepherd summer engagement session Canadian Wedding Engaged couple kissing Ottawa Ornamental Gardens on NCC lan Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis Photography Adorable Canadian Couple walking at the Ornamental Gardens in Ottawa for their engagement session prior to their Ottawa Wedding Photographer Couple cuddling in Gazebo in the Ornamental Gardens Ottawa Wedding Photographer dominion arboretum photo location Ottawa Couple cuddling in front of a Peonies garden at the Ornamental Gardens during a hot Summer day Ottawa Photographer Samantha Danis Photography Summer family session at the Ottawa Ornamental Gardens by Samantha Danis Photography Lovely Ottawa Couple peonies garden Dominion Arboretum Summer engagement Ottawa Wedding Photographer

After finishing up at the Ornamental Gardens, we walked back over to the greenhouses where Alma and Pat changed into a second outfit. Sadly, the greenhouses were still closed but we made due with the beautiful glass buildings and florals nearby. Alma and Pat danced and cuddled and had what looked like a great time through my viewfinder. We definitely spent a good part of the hour chatting and laughing and getting to know each other since this was the first time we’d actually met in person! Alma had also told me that Pat was not so into the idea of an engagement shoot (what guy is though, honestly) but he honestly rocked it and dare I say, his second outfit was quite the handsome one. I was also obsessed with alma’s dress, like omg look at how freaking pretty it is!?

I already know their wedding is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait for November to roll around so that I can get these two in front of my camera again. Covid-19 hasn’t cancelled love and obviously these two are proof of that. Can’t wait to celebrate together xoxOttawa Tropical Greenhouse couple kissing double exposure creative photography Ottawa Wedding Photographer Couple linking arms at the Ottawa Greenhouse for their Engagement Session with Samantha Danis Photography Bride looking lovingly into her grooms eyes at the Ottawa Greenhouse at NCC hot summer day for Ottawa Engagement Session Engagement session at the Tropical Greenhouse Ottawa photographer Weddings and Engagements Ottawa Tropical Greenhouse engagement Session by Samangtha Danis Photography Double Exposure Ottawa Engagement Session NCC property Experimental Farms Wedding Photographer Engaged Ottawa couple cuddling under flowers smiling happily at each other Alma and Pat while Samantha Danis Photography captures their Engagement Session Ottawa Wedding Photographer Engaged Couple kissing at the Tropical Greenhouse NCC Century Events November fall wedding Alma and Pat Alma and Pat Beautiful Rose Gold Moissonite Engagement Ring tucked into flowers during engagement Session at the Ornamental Gardens by Samantha Danis Photography

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