When you add a beautiful venue like Orchardview and then an amazing couple like Tina and Matt, you get an amazing wedding day to remember. The road here wasn’t easy. From a destination wedding planned, to being changed to a local wedding, to a pandemic postponing the wedding by a year, to having TWO weddings in two different provinces due to restrictions… These two didn’t let anything stop them. And this is how their day went.

I arrived at Tina and Matts home to find the guys hanging out, having a drink and Matt… Ironing? I was surprised because they were supposed to be mostly dressed by the time I arrived but in good old male fashion, none of that was happening haha. I helped them Iron, took photos of Matts details and of them finally getting dressed. My favourite part was that absolutely no one except for Matt’s brother-in-law, Navil, knew how to tie a tie. So he went straight to work doing everyone’s ties on himself and them looping them around their neck for them to complete their finishing touches. And just like that, as quickly as I got there, it was time to go!
I got to Orchardview, excited to see Tina as it felt like forever since we’d seen each other. She’d told me they had the smaller bridal suite (which I hadn’t been to in over 6 years) so I anticipated this small dark room with one window… I was happily surprised when I got up the stairs only to find a large room with two windows and beautiful grey wood flooring. Tina was sitting at a beautiful vanity finishing up her makeup. It was absolutely lovely.

I immediately saw her dress and recognized it from my days as a Bridal Stylist and I was happy to see Tina beaming of joy at it. I knew it would fit her beautifully, and it truly did. We hung around the suite just talking and taking everything in, Tina was so calm through it all. Even thought things were running late, she didn’t care (she planned her timeline around things being late haha). She showed me her shoes for the details and I was so surprised to see she had actually brought THREE pairs with more she left at home because she just loved them all. But of course, in true theatre fashion, she went with the higher heal and ALL OF THE GLITTER, they were magical.

It was time to get her dressed and her sister-in-law Angel helped her with all the details and finally Brenda, Matts mum came in to put the final touch of her tiara and veil (which is actually Brenda’s veil, such a sweet touch). After a quick look in the mirror, it was time to go find Matt for their first look.

Tina and Matt’s first look was so freaking adorable! Matt waited in anticipation under the tree line facing the pond and Tina ALMOST ran up to him and then she stopped and told him to turn around. His reaction was soooooo sweet (see photos for what I mean). And then Tina’s face lit up and just like that they were in each other’s arms kissing and just admiring each other. It was a beautiful moment.

After a couple portraits- I say a couple cause the wedding party came in HOT almost immediately after we started haha. After a few congratulations we settled in for some Bridal Party and family photos prior to the ceremony. Tina asked for a photo with the guys and she wanted a fun one of them lifting her so they went for it… Except Remo. He thought I was kidding when I said to lift Tina but when Thompson and Patsy actually started to lift Tina he was like OH SH*T Here we go! And everyone just burst out laughing. I was like omg this is so funny but AHHHHH there’s a ceremony going on across the way we gotta hush up. And so we all laughed silently with each other. After a few portraits with the family and our beautiful couple at the gazebo, it was time to hide away our wedding party as guests arrived for the ceremony.

The day had been a tad delayed, so the ceremony ended up starting about 30mins late which ended up being fine as guests enjoyed catching up and having a drink prior to the start. Tina was a smart cookie and hand made Programs that were attached to sticks and created these fans which were necessary with this humidity we’ve been having. The ceremony was beautiful and full of emotions. Tina and Matt couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, held hands through it all and cried quite a few times.

There was also so much laughter and you could absolutely feel all of the love coming from all of the guests as well. Their first kiss as husband and wife was beautiful. They kissed passionately, like no one was around and held each other tight. And then they gave each other little cheek kisses that were just the sweetest. They walked back into the Orchardview Reception hall to take a moment as the new husband and wife.

The guests gathered in the beautifully decorated tent behind the ceremony site and enjoyed some cocktails as Tina and Matt spent time together. The beautiful royal blue linens and chair bows were accented by handmade pieces by both Tina and Matt. Matt built ALL of the sign holders including table numbers and the centrepieces themselves (he’s quite talented). Tina made and designed all the signage herself and she did a Phenomenal job. I snuck Tina and Matt out to the gazebo and field one last time for a few photos before they headed into their reception to enjoy the rest of their night.

Our evening was well spent. Not only was the food delicious- seriously though. We had Bacon on a stick drizzled with maple syrup, watermelon squares with feta cubes and Deep fried chicken on waffles and that was just the Hors D’oeuvres (the bacon was my fave, duh). But the company was wonderful. Thompson, the best man did a great job at MC’ing and his speech was the funniest thing. He made a surprise slideshow with photo’s of Tina and Matt’s childhood and he even added some beautiful slides of Godzilla in a wedding dress and veil because he fully anticipated Tina to be a bridezilla and she was absolutely now!

And then my favourite slides had to be when he put the days schedule, followed by how none of it followed the schedule and his own special schedule that only had two tasks… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on that one. Matt’s sister Angela followed up his speech with a beautiful speech of her own discussing their childhood, adult lives living together and just how Matt had changed and grown since meeting Tina. She got everyone in tears and for all the right reasons.

We ended things with Tina and Matt’s first dance which was just as intimate as the rest of the day. There was no one in the room with them in that moment. Just them two of them, slow dancing to a song they loved and enjoying the moment and their lives. Once again, a beautiful and perfect moment xox.

Venue: Orchardview Weddings and Event Centre
Planner: Taylor Piovesan
Officiant: Michele Fansett, All Seasons Weddings
Dresses: First Gown from Dominique Levesque Bridal, Second from Shein
Bridesmaids dresses: Azazie
Flowers: Melissa Lafrance
Cake: Artistic Cake Design
Stationary: Kelsey Coles, The Invitation Studio 

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