This is my sister Tina, her Fiancé Shawn and that little dude with the half smirk is Gage. Tina & Shawn have been in each others lives since they were 18 years old, in and out but they always found a way back to each other. Tina helped raise Gage like he was her own and now, she and Shawn are having one of their own, and giving Gage a little sister! Tina has been dreaming of having a baby for what seems like forever so the news came to our family with great joy. Well when it came time to plan her maternity session, I had the brilliant idea to do it on the morning of her Surprise baby shower so she would have no idea of what was ahead. We drove down to the Thurso Ferry and reluctantly hopped onto the ice. Gage is a little apprehensive when it comes to pictures so we told him to give us one smile and he’d be done. Well as you can see below, he did his job and the family dynamic is pretty evident in this picture. Tina the happy snuggly step-mom, Gage the ”get me out of her death grip and out from in front of this camera” stare and Shawn is the 8year old stuck in a 30year old’s body.

      We gave Gage the go ahead to get back to the car while we continued on. Tina decided she wanted to take her coat off for some of the pictures which was totally fine by me but you know… We’re on the water, it’s windy, it’s winter, might not be the greatest idea. But she went ahead anyways and Shawn kept her smiling and laughing throughout the entire process. What you see in these shots, is definitely the dynamic of their relationship. Shawn always being the Jokster and Tina trying to keep a straight face but to no avail. We couldn’t head over the the hall for Tina’s shower yet as people hadn’t arrived yet so I was told to stall.

      Do you know how hard it is the stall a pregnant lady who is cold and needing to go to the washroom? So Shawn drove us to his dad’s house where I took a moment to text him that he needed to stall cause they weren’t ready for us at the hall. After getting the message Shawn drove us around Rockland, pretending to get us lost a couple times to get us to our next location. We looked for a forest but everything in the area was fenced off so we made do with the little bit of woods we found at the YMCA. We then headed to the arena since that’s where they wanted to initially get married and since they spent a lot of time there when they were younger. When we pulled up though, people from the shower were unloading their van with gifts! So I told Shawn to book it while Tina wasn’t paying attention. After a few more shots on the bleachers in the park I figured it was now time to head to the Hall in the arena for the shower. We parked out front and brought Tina in and after looking at the ”rink” for pictures I decided to run upstairs for no apparent reason making Tina follow. She slowly waddled up the stairs and when the doors opened she was in shock and had tears in her eyes as she saw the room full of people. And that was it for me. A morning of fun and cold photos and an afternoon of friends, family, gifts for baby Mila, good food and just all around a great time. I can’t wait to meet my God Daughter in a few weeks but until then, enjoy your maternity photos sis. Love you xox

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