Lansdowne Park Engagement: Christina and Gustavo

April 4, 2020
Lansdowne Park has become quite the popular area over the past few years, so what a better place to have Christina and Gustavo’s engagement session! The engagement session was planned to be at Lansdowne from the beginning, however, we were suppose to get her done in November. But alas, the snow was nowhere to be found so Christina ultimately decided to wait things out. Finally the time came and it was Christmas eve! Initially, I was worried of taking these two beautiful people away from their family the day before Christmas but they were totally cool with it. It was only for about 1 hour after all! When I arrived at Lansdowne Park, I texted Christina to let her know where to meet me. As I waited outside of Jack Astors, I finally saw Christina and was like, Damnnnnn. The skirt, the scarf, the coat, THE HAIR, YASSS! She looked amazing! And then I saw the gentleman closely following her, hand in hand. It was Gus (duh), and he also looked pretty damn fabulous. The coat, the boots, the dark jeans and the fresh hair. These two came prepared… Well for the engagement session, not sure about the cold haha. We started the session along the Aberdeen Pavilion and honestly I barely gave any direction at all. These two were telling jokes, making each other laugh and kissing no problemo.

Recently Engaged couple kissing in front of the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa. Engagement session was held at Lansdowne Park where we walked around to Td Place Stadium and Rideau Canal. Beautiful old Building where the farmers market is held every Sunday. Image taken by Ottawa wedding Photographer Samantha Danis Engaged couple walking in front of Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park Ottawa. Couple is laughing while walking arm in arm.

I was so surprised when Christina kicked off her UGGs and put on her wedding heels. They are pretty freaking fabulous, but her poor footsies were definitely cold. We made our way around the Lansdowne Park property, finding some tree cover, even wandering around the canal. Then I spotted it, the big ole’ sculpture atop of the hill right by TD Place Stadium. I had some creative lighting ideas so I asked them if they were up for a walk up the hill. They were totally down! So we made our way up which proved to be more difficult and dangerous than I thought. The ground was pretty much just ice and it got pretty steep at the top but we made it work and got some cool shots while we were at it.
Ottawa couple kissing in front of metal sculpture at Lansdowne Park. Soon to be Groom is popping hsi foot to kiss like in romantic movies. Bride and her fiancé sitting on a park bench at Lansdowne Park. Bride to be sitting on her fiancé's lap and kissing his forehead. Happily engaged couple kissing ona park bench at Lansdowne Live. Bride to be is wearing a formal pencil skirt and beautiful camel trench coat. Couple holding hands and laughing under tree cover at Lansdowne Park. Groom looking at his fiancé while she looks at the camera and smiles. Couple taking a stroll along the Rideau canal in the middle of Winter. Christmas Eve engagement session at Lansdowne Park. Bride and groom to be kissing in front of Rideau Canal. Black and white classic engagement photo. Bride laughing in fiancé's arms at Rideau Canal Skateway close to TD place. Engaged couple sitting in the snow at Lansdowne Park by the Rideau Canal. Framed by beautiful trees, the couple can be seen cuddling. Couple standing under the TD Place Stadium sculpture and kissing. The beautiful purple sky enhances the silhouette of both the structure and the couple. Newly engaged couple kissing in front of TD Place sculpture. Backlit by artificial light creating a silhouette of the couple accented by the beautiful purple sky. Black and white images of a couple cuddling nice and close during a winter engagement session at TD place. Lansdowne Park engagement session photographed by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis.
We finished things off down in the Courtyard in between the Pavilion and the movie theatre where there are twinkle lights strung across the whole thing. Gustavo was freezing at this point so I told them to cuddle up close and go for a little dance to stay warm. This is when I realized that it’s not only I who is awkward at dancing, even slow dancing. These two were as well and it was freaking adorable to watch. While they hung out and cuddled, I stole Christina’s engagement ring and ran away to the big Christmas tree to get a couple more shots while they warmed up. At the end of it all, we may have frozen our buns off but it was totally worth it for these adorable shots! I can’t wait to see them again this summer for part 2 and their wedding in 2021!
Engaged couple dancing hand in hand in the Lansdowne Courtyard. The setting sun creates a beautiful purple gradient in the sky which is accented by beautiful twinkle string lights. Dancing couple at the end of their Engagement session at Lansdowne Park Courtyard. Groom to be is spinning his fiancé on the cobblestone courtyard as she spins and laughs. Beautiful marquis engagement ring set into the pine needles of a christmas tree at Lansdowne Park. Small twinkle lights create a beautiful bokeh effect mixed with the falling snow creating a beautiful dreamy romantic feel.







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