August 27, 2021

Kate and Caleb: Stittsville Wedding

Kate and Caleb, when I think back on your day the words that come to mind are: friendship, true love, silly, pure joy.

When I arrived at Caleb’s grand-parents property for first looks and portraits on August 14th, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d never met or spoken to Caleb and he and Kate had only booked me a few months prior to their date. Which is whirlwind time when you think about wedding planning. When I finally met him, the vibes I got were kind, smart and even a little shy. As we chatted and got to know each other, his anticipation for seeing Kate grew and I could see it from his body language.

When she finally did arrive, it was game on. He was all smiles as he awaited in a clearing on the property. As I got Kate to get things started, I was greeted by what seemed like an army of ladies trying to figure out how to solve a problem… Kates dress strap had broken. So on the hunt grandma June went for a safety pin. Once that situation was taken care of, it was time for these two sweethearts to see each other. The wind was ridiculously strong by the lake, Kates dress blew around, as did her veil but she didn’t care, she was just sooooo excited to finally see her man.
When she tapped Caleb’s shoulder to turn, he paused for a second and when he finally turned, his jaw dropped. It was the sweetest look, he literally just looked at her in awe but with the biggest smile on his face all at the same time. He took Kate in for a kiss and they just hung out for a minute. We opted to keep going with portraits as the bridesmaids still had to finish their hair so I told them to start with a very simple pose. I always start with this because it allows for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera slowly. Well after maybe 3 seconds of awkwardness (as there always is) they just let loose and let themselves truly shine. They showed me the goof balls they truly are and it was absolutely beautiful. They fell into each others arms so effortlessly. They laughed in unison, they smiled so bright. Seriously the sweetest.

We wandered around the property, chatting about everything and anything stopping in little nooks and crannies June showed me. Trying to stay away from the sun because it was once again a 35+ degree day. At the end of portraits, I asked Caleb to dip kiss Kate and so he happily obliged. I typically do this shot a couple times because it takes the couple to position themselves nicely. Well when I asked them to do it a second time, Kate literally flipped the switch and flipped Caleb. A good old switcharoo and we couldn’t all help but laugh. Absolute goofballs and in the best way possible.

Kate and Caleb’s original venue unfortunately could not accommodate their wedding due to construction so in July they were in a tizzy looking for a new venue to hold their ceremony and reception. Luckily the Stittsville, Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church was available and it worked out for the best. Kate made most of the decor herself and with the help of her family and friends, everything came together beautifully. They were even able to access the churches cameras to live stream their wedding and it looked so pro, not gonna lie. They had two angles and transitions, it was really well done from my perspective.

The ceremony was held on stage at the very front of the room while guests were seated at the tables. Their pastor was able to officiate the ceremony for them and it was so beautiful to watch. They spoke of how they met, their time in the church and the pure joy they have from being together. So many smiles were shared and lots of laughter throughout the ceremony. Both Kate and Caleb actually held it together for the most part. It wasn’t until I was editing the photos later on that I saw the tears pooling in Kate’s eyes that I realized she’d gotten so emotional. It allowed me to relive the moment in a new light. Once pronounced husband and wife, Kate and Caleb sealed things with a kiss and walked off stage as husband and wife, finally.

After the ceremony, Kate and Caleb decided they wanted to take a moment to go outside and take some more portraits as official husband and wife, so we did exactly that. It was brief as dinner was to be served shortly, but it was beautiful. We even got Caleb’s sister in law to help with some dress throwing photos and she was so excited to do it! We wandered around the churches community garden and chatted some more and then it was time for more festivities.

Upon their entrance, they opted to do all their first dances, starting with Kate’s father-daughter dance. It, as always was my favourite. Just watching Kate and her dad talking, smiling, and just seeing that love was so beautiful. Caleb’s mother-son dance was next and it too was lovely. His mum had such a big smile on her face as she looked lovingly into her sons eyes. It was delicate, and perfect. Kate and Caleb then proceeded to do their first dance and after about a minute or so, couples were invited to join them on the dance floor in a very romantic and sweet moment. Everyone surrounded them, but it was like they were the only ones in the room.

Dinner was DELICIOUS BBQ with such yummy pulled pork and Mac and Cheese (my favourites). And Kate’s two friends from Dairy Queen were so kind in placing all the food and clearing all the plates. Like those are some amazing friends, just saying. Kate and Caleb also had a few kisses throughout the evening of course and they were always getting more and more crazy. To the point where Kate wrapped her arms around Caleb and smushed in so hard that he almost fell backwards off his chair. It was wild and happy and totally Kate haha. Before desert, the MC’s decided they would play a little game with the happy couple with some mini nerf guns. They stood back to back just like in a western, took some steps and had to fire at each other. Well when they turned, Caleb paused basically giving Kate a chance and she missed, both of her shots whereas he got her spot on. Kate, I think you may need to work on your aim just a wee bit ;).

I ended my day with their cake cutting and nom nom-ing. The cake was beautiful and simple. Decorated with chess pieces and top with the king and queen, respectively. They fed each other a piece with Kate taking a small, you know, normal piece to feed Caleb. However, Caleb chose a monster piece making Kate having to open extra wide. They both burst out laughing and kissed with their delicious cake.

Kate and Caleb, thank you for trusting me in capturing your day. This year was wild, you planned your wedding in a few short months and I think it turned out beautifully. I hope you remember your day with so much love and joy and that your mini cottage moon went perfectly xo

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