Jillian & Christian: Engagement, It’s a cold one!

December 4, 2017

Winter is upon us and these two decided to brave one of the coldest days we’ve gotten so far to finally get their engagement session done! We had actually scheduled their session TWICE before finally getting to do it thanks to Canada’s temperamental weather and we almost rescheduled this one too due to my having a knee injury. But when Jill told me she had a hair appointment scheduled for the shoot I decided to plow through the pain and get this baby done. We met up at their lovely home and took a quick ride to the park to get some photos done with their puppy Nitro. You wouldn’t know he’s a puppy though cause he’s so darn big! After a quick drop off to grandma and grandpa’s we were off to downtown to get this session going! Jill was adamant that they would take their jackets and gloves off for the photos and I felt so guilty that I was all warm in my toque and scarf and coat while they froze their bums off for photos. I got Christian to warm Jill up in between and during takes as much as possible and it sure made for some adorable cuddly photos. We walked along the Chateau Laurier, the locks and eventually made our way to Major’s Hill Park where we chatted about their wedding plans… Guy’s, I’m so stoked to shoot their wedding this summer, it’s going to be a warm fairytale with some gorgeous light! A stark contrast to this windy, gray and freezing day I’m sure! After a few photos under a tree we had decided enough was enough and to call it a day. Luckily for me I got all these awesome photos while keeping warm ;). Loved you guys for being such troopers and I hope you, and of course Nitro, love these photos as well xox

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