September 1, 2022

Hannah and Jesse: Evermore Wedding

Hannah and Jesse’s wedding day at Evermore finally came and went, and boy was it ever perfect! I feel like I had been talking with Hannah forever leading up until this point, planning and re-planning their engagement session, and the wedding as well. Covid really put a damper on the process and the weather leading up to wasn’t any more promising. But what turned out happening was better than what I could have imagined. Here is their wedding day recap.
There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to weddings, the weather being one of them. Luckily for us, the 15mm’s of rain and thunderstorms that were being called for at Hannah and Jesse’s wedding, never happened. I arrived to the Naismith House at Evermore with sun shining and Hannah in the ‘’hair chair’’. She looked so beautiful already in her satin slip and lace housecoat as her hair was getting done. Her brother finishing up his makeup in the mirror across the table from her, her mum doing yoga and her god daughter watching her Aunty Hanny become a true princess.
Her dress and veil awaited me in one room while her details in other. I quickly got to work documenting all the small details that mean so much to Hannah and I was not disappointed with the items she chose. The vow books were beautiful and rustic while the invites were delicate and detailed and let us not forget the beautiful rings. Her veil, sparkly as it was, was the perfect backdrop. Luckily for me, the Naismith house has a lot of beautiful spots for photos and items I could use as backdrops. Including their mauve-blush pouf that served as a perfect backdrop with her veil.

Ottawa Wedding Hannah and Jesse Stationary at Everemore
While I was with Hannah, my second shooter, Luc, was with the guys. Having a good time helping each other out with their ties and enjoying what the sunny morning had to bring us. Although I wasn’t present during Jesse’s getting ready, I can tell by the photos that they had a good time. So much laughter between these three gentlemen. How nice it is to have a dad and Step-dad that love you so much.

Once Hannah’s hair was done (it was beautiful and so her), we went up to her room for her to read her letter that Jesse had written to her. I listened carefully to the words she spoke and was in awe at what I heard. The words Jesse had written were so beautiful and the line that stood out to me the most was; ‘’ You look absolutely stunning in this moment. How do I know this? Because I have the pleasure of waking up to you each and every day. Who needs an alarm clock when you have your sunshine.’’ He proceeds to call her his ‘’precious angel’’ later on, a theme throughout the day.  Of course Hannah cried, another theme of the day, A quick little makeup touch up, a spray of perfume and it was time to get our beautiful bride dressed.

Carlee, Hannah’s mum, helped her little girl get dressed as Hannah’s dad and brothers waited outside to see her for the first time. Mum couldn’t help but cry once her little girl was fully done up as she held her close. Hannah was finally the bride she was always meant to be and it was finally time to get her out those doors for her all important first looks. Dad waited for his little girl, looking out into the fields as she walked to him and touched his shoulder. He turned and his mouth dropped instantly.

Ottawa Bride Hannah at Evermore Wedding Summer Wedding Samantha Danis Photography

His little girl was a stunning bride and he couldn’t have been more proud in that moment. Our beautiful bride handed him a letter she’d written to him and a gift for him to open. More tears flowed from both of them (well all three as Carlee stood nearby) as he read the letter. Hannah truly has a way with words and honestly she has the biggest heart. Her dad adopted her at some point in her life and Hannah spoke so highly of having him be there for her and all the moments they got to live together. But one thing they never had was a photo of them together when Hannah was a baby. And so comes the gift. She was able to get a photo merged of them together, finally having that dream photo and moment they never got.

They held hands and hugged it out as he looked at the photo in amazement that his little girl was able to give him this special gift. The emotional moments weren’t done yet, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Hannah then walked over to her brothers who both turned to see her, mouths also dropping in awe and smiles. She hugged them both and gave them each a gift. Isaac got this amazing picture of him as Goku and Hannah as Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z in an epic scene. And Sam got a beautiful necklace that brought him to tears as he held his sister. Mum was once again in the background bawling her eyes out at her kids having this moment. With a load more hugs, it was time to get this bride down the aisle so off to the main venue we went to finally see Jesse.

Jesse was all smiles as I arrived to the ceremony site, and honestly, so was I. Evermore’s ceremony location is outdoor in a beautiful gardened off area BUT it is in pure sunlight which can be harsh for lighting. No problem, I work with all lighting but in this scenario, an overcast day is ideal, and we got lucky with the clouds. No rain in the forecast for any time soon, a perfectly cloudy sky and warm but not humid day? Absolute perfection. Poppa was definitely watching over his little girl day. Hannah’s grand father, Poppa, was very important and dear to her. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could see her get married and so he had his own chair at the ceremony, with his favourite sunflowers and a portrait of him, watching over everything. Poppa was there Hannah.

Our groom waited at the front of the aisle, anxiously awaiting his angel. After the family made their way down the aisle, Nora, the sweet flower girl, did a fabulous job lining the aisle with rose petals for her aunty. Hannah emerged in her fathers arm, ready to walk down to meet her very soon to be husband. Her smile was stunning as Jesse watched on, tears welling up in his eyes, finally seeing his angel as the bride she was always meant to be. He greeted her with the softest smile. Shook her dads hand, pulled him in for a hug then gleefully walked her to their spot.

The ceremony was truly beautiful. Their priest officiated with grace as he spoke of Hannah and Jesse, god and their families. Their vows were extremely personal and once again, written so well and beautifully. They spoke to each other like no one was around, just the two of them sharing the words that meant so much. Both of their families were in tears at various times throughout the ceremony, but I had my eyes on Sam and Carlee as they definitely shed the most tears. A little moment I loved was after Jesse was done saying his vows, Hannah reached over to him, resting her hand on his cheek as he wiped his tears. Showing the support I know they have for each other at all times. The rings were exchanged and their hands were wrapped together in a sign of unity. Finally, this perfect couple were married! They shared a few beautiful kisses, and even a dip kiss as they walked down the aisle. Away they walked, starting their life as husband and wife in a private moment under the willow while guests hugged and cheered.

Evermore Ottawa Wedding Ceremony Hannah and Jesse Samantha Danis Photography Best wedding Photoger Ottawa Wedding Photographer Evermore Family photos Ceremony Love True Love at Evermore for Hannah and Jesse's wedding in Ottawa Samantha Danis Photography First Kiss Ottawa Bride and Groom Hannah and Jesse Love at Evermore
The wedding itself was fairly small, only 30 some odd guests in attendance, their absolute nearest and dearest. So family photos went by very quickly and as did bridal party since their family was their bridal party after all. So we had a good amount of time to walk around the property and get all of Hannah’s magical dream photos. Evermore has a picturesque location for photos, Fields, flowers, big gardens, an epic willow tree and of course the barn itself. The couple fell in love with the willow tree when they originally booked Evermore so we made sure to get quite a few photos in the dreamy spot. With Hannah and Jesse, there is no awkwardness in front of the camera. You would think they were pros or models (well Hannah is) but together they did a wonderful job. We ended portraits under Hannah’s gorgeous veil for a few intimate close ups. Her veil was so sparkly that we had to wait till the end of portraits in case we glittered up Jesse a little too much, hehe. The bell was rung which was our sign to head to the main barn as it was time to get these two inside and get the evening started.

Beautiful Bride Hannah at Evermore Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis Photography With Love Bridal Boutique Essence of Australia With Love Bridal Boutique Hannah Ottawa Bride Rustic wedding Evermore Ottawa Samantha Danis Photography Samantha Danis Photography Best Photographer Ottawa Wedding Evermore
A small wedding inside a large barn would have you think the space would feel empty, but that was not the case. The tables were spread out so perfectly and decorated with beautiful greenery, florals, candles and wooden table numbers. Poppa made his way inside beside the stunning mirrored seating chart and the heart ‘’guest book’’. And of course, the piece the resistance, the cake. A four tiered, hand piped white cake decorated with fresh florals, top to bottom. It truly was spectacular. Ohhh let’s not forget the signature drink sign, a favourite of mine named after their pets and decorated with them so they could be there with them somehow on the day itself.

The wedding party walked, or shall I say, danced in and had a blast making their way over to their tables. Then we were graced with our beautiful couple. Hannah and Jesse walked in to applause and cheers from every single one of their guests at the made their way to the dance floor for their first dance. They swayed in their own world to; I get to love you by Ruelle, a favourite of mine. I couldn’t help but watch them with a huge smile on my face, swaying side to side, looking at their guests watch on in just as much love. They even had a few spins in them and dip kisses to woo their guests. A truly beautiful first dance for a beautiful couple.

They quickly followed things up with two special dances, Hannah’s father-daughter dance and then a surprise mother-daughter dance. Carlee and Hannah truly have a special relationship so it only made sense that they would have a dance together. Both songs chosen were fabulous. Hannah and her father were serenaded by Boyce Avenues rendition of Fathers and Daughters while Carlee’s dance was set to ‘’You’ll be in my heart’’ from the Tarzan soundtrack. Carlee literally sung the entire way through as she held her daughter.

I thought things were over for dances but Hannah was handed the mic. She spoke of her grand father and what he meant to her. How in his last moments, when he wasn’t always aware of what was going on, you are my sunshine came on. He lit up as Hannah sung the song, a moment she would never forget. It was a song he loved and sung to her and Carlee and so she invited her mum back up to the dance floor to dance to Poppa’s song. They both cried as they held each other and Hannah sung her the sung. Truly a most beautiful moment I was happy I got to witness.

Dinner was absolutely delicious, as always. Seriously though, Evermore’s food is always divine, you can’t go wrong with any of their meals (Their cheesecake desert is *Chef’s kiss*). And the speeches throughout were all fantastic. I can see where Hannah gets her way with words as both her mother and father spoke so eloquently and joyfully about their daughter and now son in law. They spoke of their 7.5year relationship and how they Jesse was perfect for their little girl and how well they all get along. I mean, Jesse and Hannah’s dad are coworkers and now partners in their business so they kind of have to get along ;). They were even quickly serenaded by Jesse’s dad when he sang a few lines of Elvis for them! It was a joke but it stays in my memory as a super cute moment.

Sam even made his way up to say a few words about his stunning sister and how he knew Jesse was a good guy from the start. He cried many tears for his sister that day and he cried many more during his impromptu speech. Katie, Jesse’s sister also made her way up and spoke so highly of her brother and how grateful she was to have gained a new sister. But after so many years, it all felt like family already, this just made everything ‘’official, official’’. Jesse and Hannah ended the speeches with words to their family and friends. Telling them how they knew when planning their wedding they wanted those most important to them to be there and to share this intimate moment with them. Thanking them in the process and of course thanking their families for all that they’ve done for them. These two truly know love and they get to live it every day, with their families and with each other.

We snuck Hannah and Carlee out to the tent as she hadn’t had a chance to give her mum her gift as she had her dad with all the craziness of the day. And so they had a private moment. Carlee reading her letter, in tears as Hannah and Sam watched on, both crying as well. Hannah truly has a way with words. I’m sure she could make me cry if she wrote me a letter haha. Her gifts pulled at my heart strings as Carlee opened up what I thought was a standard album. But it wasn’t. It was a gallery book where when you open it, it’s actually a little screen that plays digital files. Hannah filled it up with photos from her childhood, her Poppa, everything good in their lives. But the best part, she recorded her singing ‘’you are my sunshine’’ and that’s what the album played to her as she watched the photos on the screen. It was seriously the most perfect and beautiful gift. She finished things off with an embroidered handkerchief with a love note to her mom. A truly emotional day.
Sunset never happened, which is always a bummer because Ooooo do we ever love that golden light. That being said, night shots are kind of a specialty of mine so we decided to take advantage of the moment and get some fun and stunning photos. Truly some of my favourites I’ve ever taken and a true joy to create with Hannah and Jesse as well as their video team of Josh and Carly from Suddard Cinematic Media.

Our night didn’t end there. The happy couple had a special request of us, to stay until the final dance as it was important for them to have that special moment between them. The last dance with no one around. And so we happily obliged. I swear, Hannah could talk me into anything with how sweet and kind she is! We danced with the guests, captured fun moments on the dance floor, and it never stopped. There may not have been a ton of people on that dance floor but no one cared, they danced their little booties off until that magic moment. The final dance.

A few guests remained so Jesse asked them so kindly to make their way under the tent or by the fire outside while we closed all the doors and let the couple enjoy this last moment together.

They swayed to the beautiful ‘’Fall into me’’ by Forest Blakk as they held each other close.  I have no idea what they talked about while dancing, but I’d like to think they spoke of the day and how perfect it was. How much they love each other and how much the moment meant to them. No better way to end a day.

Hannah and Jesse, wow. The love I felt on your wedding day has no bounds. The love you have for each other is spectacular, beautiful, kind and true. I’m so grateful I was able to go through all of this with you and to have been able to capture this oh so special moment for you. You are goals, you are wonderful, you are everything I could have asked for in clients. I so look forward to what the future holds for you. Xo

Hair – Pärla Hair

Wedding Dress: With Love Bridal (Designer – Essence of Australia)

Maid of Honor Dresses: With Love Bridal and Davids Bridal

Groom’s Attire: Jimmy Suits 

Groomsmen Attire: Moores

Flowers: Pretty Pots Flower Shop

Cake: The Girl With The Most Cake

Stationary: Etsy

Officiant: Pastor Bruce Fergeson

Venue: Evermore

DJ: Midnight Music

Videographer: Suddard Cinematic Media

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