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Haley and Bailey: Fall Wedding

Ummm can you say perfect? Because that’s what Haley and Bailey’s fall wedding at Stanley’s was. I’ve been anticipating this one for a while because these two are so freaking cute. Haley and I just meshed so well together and my obsession with her red hair is real lol. Here’s how their wonderful day went!

I arrived at Stanley’s only to be greeted by Haley’s mom who was very hard at work at getting the Maple hall ready. The room wasn’t quite finished but I saw Haley’s visions right away. Simple décor with a touch of orange for fall and even little baby pumpkins to top everything off. There was also a beautiful two tier cake made by Haley’s mom just waiting to be cut up later. Out the window I could see a limo rolling up, it was go time! Haley and her girls all arrived looking absolutely beautiful, Haley with her ginger red hair and the cutest fuzzy slippers (I want them, size 10, K thanks lol). She was soooo excited, it was palpable. The smile on her face truly said it all.

Haley made her way inside and got to work finishing up the décor while Michelle from Elephant Shoe Media and I made our way out with her dress and details. I truly loved Haley’s shoes, rings, invites but most of all, her flowers. Oooo those rich colours were just so nice to look at. As we started to zip her dress back up, Bailey and the guys pulled in. We successfully hid the dress from him, no casualties. He and the guys got their boutonnières put on and off to the ceremony site they went while the girls and I rounded Haley up to get everyone dress. Girl was so focused on the details, she was forgetting she had a fiancé to get to and become husband and wife 😉.
Time was slipping away and so we got everyone ready at the same time. Haley’s mom helped her out while her Bridesmaids were nearby getting their gorgeous orange gowns on. Funny enough, and men you don’t know about this stuff, but the boob tape was out and these girls were not shy. The things we do to ourselves, am I right ladies?!? We all had a good laugh as the craziness happened behind me while I focused on Haley. You could feel the energy in the room just getting happier and more nervous as the clock ticked away. And with a final touch up from her sisters and niece with her shoes, our bride and her party were ready to go meet Bailey down the aisle.
Ottawa Wedding Flowers Floral Reef Wedding Photographer Haley and Bailey Although their reception site was at Maple hall at Stanley’s, they chose to have their ceremony on the stone steps with the church pews for their guests to sit on. Their welcome sign was a beautiful glass window welcoming their guests to their wedding as the base was decorated with a few more pumpkins to put guests in that fall mood. Everyone was in their seats as I made my way to the front to meet Bailey and his guys. He looked so stunning and excited to get things started. To the point that when the bridesmaids arrived by foot, he knew to get the moms down the aisle immediately and take his place as he waited for his bride. And then we heard the hoof beats.
Our bride chose to arrive by horse and carriage (OMG YES HALEY) and as soon as she pulled onto the lawn, Bailey started to lose it. First he started to sniffle and slowly tear up. At this point he looked directly at him and I told him ‘’everything is going to be all right’’. He nodded and looked back at Haley (side note, he doesn’t remember any of that haha). As she made her way out of the carriage, he lost it fully and started to cry. It was genuinely the most emotional reaction I’d seen from a groom in my career and he almost got me crying which is hard to do on wedding days because I’m in work mode. A favourite moment of mine was as Haley arrived, Bailey’s mom focused her eyes on her son and started to tear up as she saw him get emotional. It was so freaking cute. Arm in arm with her dad, Haley made her way down the aisle to greet her soon to be husband. Bailey wiped his eyes, took her hand and guided her up the stone steps where they would shortly become husband and wife. First Look Groom Reaction Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis Photography Their ceremony was short and sweet. Probably one of the shortest ceremonies I’d seen in a while honestly. They wasted no time at reciting their promises to one another and exchange their beautiful rings. There may have even been a brief moment of not registering what their officiant said and needing them to repeat what they were supposed to say haha. They made their way up the steps to sign their official documents where they held hands and laughed with one another as guests looked on. Just so purely happy with being together and finally making this happen. Did I mention that these two are ELEMENTARY school sweethearts and have been together over a decade? Yeah, it was time! They made their way back to their spot on the stone steps where their officiant, Allan, FINALLY pronounced them Husband and wife. With a beautiful kiss, the deal was done and they made their way back down the aisle. What was sweet about them coming down the aisle was that all their guests, including their wedding party, applauded them and cheered but no one moved from their spot. So it was truly just their moment with all eyes on them. They even gave us another big kiss while heading down the aisle before hopping into their romantic getaway carriage with some champagne. Ottawa Wedding Tsanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm Haley and Bailey They finally arrived at their cocktail hour to guests cheering them on drinks in hand and yummy food being served around. We proceeded with family photos on the beautiful new stone steps by Stanley’s Maple Hall and we had to go through them quick because the kiddos were totally over it at this point, as they normally are. We opted to take the wedding party a little further from the Hall so not all eyes were on us and we could focus on some fun. When I told the wedding party to walk arm in arm, they were all cool with it. But when I told them to do it while ‘’running’’ they were like WHATTTT. Luckily, no one was injured and we got some great smiles out of it. Apparently, I say this because I never saw it, but there was an anthill and Haley no likey bugs so she wanted us to stay away from it. Sadly for her, a spider did manage it’s way into her skirt but my second shooter, Stacey was to the rescue! And removed it for her before a panic attack ensued. Ottawa Fall Wedding Haley and Bailey Samantha Danis Photography We told the party they could go enjoy their cocktail while we kept going with Haley and Bailey. And they did sooooo good for their portraits. I just felt like I barely had to say anything, and they were just working it. Yes, Bailey was happy but the look on Haley’s face through it all was my favourite part. She was just so unapologetically happy and exuding joy. As were taking photos on the little bridge, Haley requested a photo with cows. Don’t ask me I get the brides who really like cows, but I do. And so I happily obliged and we walked on over to where the farm animals were hanging out. Now the animals at Stanley’s are very used to having people around them, so much so that the group of turkey’s, or ‘’Gobble gobbles’’ I call them, didn’t attack us. Turkey’s are vicious, just saying, but not these ones. They actually talked with me (no, seriously) while we meandered around the cows and birdies. Haley realized there was mucho animal droppings on the ground and that maaaybbbeee having her dress in the area wasn’t a great idea. And so, we got our shots and zipped right on out of there. We finished so early that we opted to let Haley and Bailey enjoy themselves at their cocktail while we focused on candids until reception time. Stanley's Wedding Ottawa Photographer Samantha Danis Photography Wedding Haley and Bailey Fall wedding at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm Vigue Wedding Ottawa Fall Wedding Samantha Danis Photography The reception was so lowkey at first that I felt strange not really having my camera attached to my hand the whole time. Haley and Bailey really wanted their guests to just chill and eat so they opted to do all of their speeches after dinner. Which dinner, might I add, was freaking DELICIOUS. Stanley’s chicken with Maple BBQ sauce and the apple crumble dessert was just to die for. Okay, enough about food, let’s chat speeches. Things started off with Haley’s sisters doing a speech together as co-maids of honour. They talked about their childhood with Haley as their little sister and how Bailey has been a part of the family for over 10 years but now it was official. They ALMOST kept it together, but Ashley was quick to choke up and start crying, in turn making Haley cry (she cried a lot during speeches). They were followed up by Bailey’s brother, Andrew and boy, the guy made everyone laugh. I shan’t repeat what he said because it may or may not have a naughty connotation haha. Next up we had Bailey’s parents who also got the crowd laughing with their interesting display of his mom in a fake red beard to pretend she was Bailey. And then we had Haley’s dad. He started things off a little more serious, but he threw in a story that was pretty hilarious. Talking about the Carp fair and how her mom actually caught her and Bailey making out, as teens completely turning Haley red and causing her to block her face with her hands. All in all, everyone had hilarious stories to tell about Haley and Bailey but most of all they talked about their love and their romance from childhood. After a quick thank you speech from our happy couple, it was time to get their first dance in. Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm Wedding Fall Fall Ottawa The guests made their way over to the dance floor while Haley and Bailey took their place. The music started, and my heart sang. They danced to At the Beginning from Anastasia and I was in heaven. One of my favourite animated movies (OG not Disney but now owned by Disney sooo unofficial Disney princess?). I was later told by Ravital, one of Haley’s bridesmaids that it’s her favourite movie which I found so fitting. She cried in his arms, of joy I’m sure. They kissed and parted as she took her dad to the dancefloor for their father daughter dance. Which was of course followed by the mother-son dance which had everyone smiling. After that, the dance floor opened up and snuck Haley and Bailey out for a quick night shot before letting them party their booties the night away. And boy did they ever party. I don’t think Haley ever left the dance floor, girl was in her element. We had such an awesome time dancing to 90’s and 2000’s hits including some much loved Justin Bieber. My night end with Haley and Bailey on the dance floor rocking it out to the camera. Haley and Bailey Samantha Danis Photography Fall wedding at Stanley's in Ottawa Haley and Bailey, WOW! What can I say, you guys were seriously so phenomenal. Your friends and family were mazing but you truly are a special couple. A decade in and your love is so strong and will only get stronger from here on out. I’m excited to see where the future takes you and remember, this is just the beginning xox Vendors: Hair: Jenn Rock (from Caralyn’s Hair Design) Makeup: CSR Makeup Wedding Dress): With Love Bridal (Maggie Sottero) Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie (Paprika) Groom and Groomsmen attire: Tip Top Tailor’s Flowers: Beaudry Flowers Officiant: Al Micus (All Seasons) Venue: Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm DJ: 2J’s Music Machine Videographer: Elephant Shoe Media