October 8, 2020

Future of weddings: What’s to come in 2021

What does the future Look like for weddings in 2021?

2020 has been one hell of a year… and we still have a little less then 3 months left in it. As we all know; the wedding and event industry was hit particularly hard. For me, this was supposed to be my biggest year for weddings. I was stoked. I was nervous. I was happy… And then it all came crashing down. And as much as me and my business struggled, I know this must have been ridiculously hard for all my clients and all couple who were planning on getting married this year. The hours put into the planning, from the smallest detail to the big picture, all of that came crashing down for you too. And with that came many, many different scenarios. Plan A to Plan Z.

Most my own clients postponed to 2021 with a couple holding out hope and a few others opting for the ‘’new norm’’ of minimony now, big wedding later. But with all that being said and done, what does this mean for 2021 weddings and any weddings moving forward?
Sitting ona log while cuddling, Ottawa couple take a photo during sunset at this beautiful Location in Kanata.

To keep it short, no one knows.

When all of this started, we were hopeful that after a couple months it would blow over. Then spring rolled around and we figured, well the heat of the summer would kill it. Then summer came and we thought, well it’s clearing up and we’ll be fine for fall… Then fall came and we were hit with the ‘’second wave’’. We still have mixed information coming through regarding how this virus works so to be frank, without a vaccine, there is no indication as to how we’ll be spending our days from here on out.

Regarding weddings, restrictions were put in place for a reason, to keep those attending safe. These restrictions need to be followed if we want a shot at keeping events and weddings going until that vaccine comes out. A wedding happened last weekend in Ottawa where the couple and guests did not follow proper protocol and 22 people ended up getting covid-19. All because they didn’t follow the protocols set in place by our province and city. I understand that protocols are changing day by day, but if you’re having a wedding during a pandemic, you must follow through and respect those protocols no matter what.

2021 weddings will be no different. Things will likely go one of three ways (based on how things have been handled over the past few months), so here we go:
1- Restrictions will go back to stage 2. If people can’t follow safety protocols then why should weddings happen?

2- Restrictions will remain as they currently stand. 50 people indoors for venues. Social distancing, mask wearing, only 6 people per table and of course no dancing.

3- Restrictions will loosen up but still not go back to normal. Still following social distancing guidelines and masks but up the guest count and maybe dancing too!


I hate to say it, but it won’t. And I think couples who have postponed to 2021 and new 2021 couples planning their wedding need to accept that. I myself am having my wedding in early spring 2021 and we made sure we had a venue with space for a dance floor because lawd knows I love to dance. My heart is broken that I may not be able to dance with my guests and have a good time into the evening. But if it means my still being able to celebrate with my closest people even if it means a ceremony, dinner, speeches and that’s it, then I will proceed because it’s the norm for the time.

I’m also going to address people reading this saying; ‘’Well obviously, the answer is to just not have weddings.’’ And normally, I would agree with you but to quote Harry Potter:

Who knew a first dance was so complicated! Colleen and Kyle slow danced at their backyard wedding but they weren't sure if they were doing it right. Well done on this Summer Backyard Wedding.

”Seems silly, doesn’t it? A wedding. Given everything that’s going on.

Maybe that’s the reason to have it. Because of everything that’s going on.”- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The amount of strain this pandemic has put on everyone’s mental health is just insane. Sometimes people just need something good. And weddings are a good and happy thing. And like I briefly mentioned earlier in this post, the amount of money, time, energy spent into planning a wedding is a lot. If people can pivot their day, accommodate the restrictions and follow protocol, can’t they have their special day? And from a small business – vendors perspective, I can’t afford for the industry to shut down again. I’ll be honest with you, I won’t be able to afford to pay my bills.

I’m sorry if you came on here hoping to read a Happy Future post making everything look like sunshine and rainbows but I think we have to face the truth that next year will likely still be a little messed up. And the quicker we accept that, the better we’ll be prepared to face what’s coming.

Ottawa wedding at the Orange Art Gallery in Hintonburg during the covid-19 pandemic. Hawaii themed, Ottawa Photographer

If you are heart broken like me, it’s okay to grieve. It sounds weird to say but that’s what you’re doing, is grieving the loss of your dream. BUT that doesn’t mean your new dream can’t be beautiful, intimate and a ‘’new’’ perfect wedding. I Promise that my clients who did proceed with their weddings this year had an amazing time and loved every bit of their day.

Now take a deep breath. And Dream a little dream with me xo

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