Another Fall wedding show is done and I have to say, I had such an awesome time meeting absolutely everyone that took the time to stop by my booth! This year was a very hard one for me and I firmly believe in being open to all my clients and potential clients so here is what happened leading up to the show:

      September started off like any other month. I ordered my final products for the wedding show, contacted my amazing florist and set up final meetings. My grand mother was admitted in the hospital early on and just like every other admittance I was worried but no more than I should have been. On September 13th I received a point blank soccer ball at full force to the head which gave me a grade two concussion and whiplash. I was off work, not allowed to drive and off electronics for five days. I was also off sports for two weeks and those two weeks were fairly difficult because I had major headaches, neck and back pain as well as random nausea throughout the day. The day after I got my concussion I was informed that my grandmother had cancer that had metastasized around her body, again I was scared but she’s my grandma, she’s fierce and strong and everything will be alright. I went to visit her that Friday then I spent the week-end with my family at our cottage, boating and soaking up the last nice week-end of September. I visited my grandmother again on Tuesday the 19th and had a great time chatting with her and my aunts and cousins, I told her I would be back to see her Friday after work. Thursday morning I got the call that she had passed away in the early morning. I was devastated, I still am. Not only was I still concussed and dealing with residual pain, the stress of the upcoming show and now I had to figure out how to deal my emotions and how to deal with her passing.  Her funeral was the following Thursday and it was one of the hardest days of my life. Seeing my family together was the only redeeming factor to the day, we are a large family and I love every single one of them so much. Obviously the day was full of emotions and was draining, I had no energy in me and was looking forward to relaxing but no relaxing was gonna happen for a while because the very next day was Set-up day for the wedding show, I had a ringette game that evening as well and Saturday & Sunday were the show days. Oh and I had a ringette game Sunday night… Yep, no time to relax and come back from the emotional drainage and now physical draining. Oh and I pulled my Back Friday during set-up. But none of that could matter because it was now show day.

      I want to say a huge THANK YOU! To my parents for all of their help and support. To by brother for always being there when I need him and using his only free time to support me and my business. To my awesome florist, Katherine, from Pollen Nation Floral Studio for the beautiful arrangements and to Amanda Andrews, the show’s creator for once again pulling off a wonderful weekend. But most of all… YOU! Thank you to all the happy couples, friends, family that came by to say hi! I can’t wait to hear from you all, actually you guys are so eager I already have plenty of emails awaiting my reply in my inbox which I will get to shortly. But before I go do that I should probably announce the winners for our draw, right? I decided to do things a little differently this year. I advertised that 3lucky couples would be winning a free engagement session and one would be winning a grand prize of $500 off their wedding package. After thinking things through I’ve decided to offer 5 free engagement sessions instead because we had so much darn interest at the booth, I couldn’t say no to giving away more. There was just too many of you! So here they are, our 5 winners:

      Elizabeth Harre
      Cherine Mekkaoui
      Sarah Hagarty
      Jason Lushington
      Kim David

      And our Grand prize goes to:
      Deanna Shields

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