Elizabeth & David: Engagement session Winners

October 10, 2017

Yesterday was a cruddy weather type of day, but luckily for me when these two met with me to chat about their wedding everything started to clear up which gave us the perfect opening to head out and get their engagement session done! We wandered over to the Arboretum in the overcast and started right away. They were unsure of how to go about with the session because as we all know, unless you’re a model, most people are uncomfortable in front of a camera, including myself. But they were champs and after a few minutes of guiding them and talking with them they got so comfortable that I barely had to guide them anymore. We spent the hour talking about the wedding, avoiding mud as much as possible, laughing at the odd things tourist do and just enjoying ourselves. By the end of the session the sun decided to break through the clouds and give us an awesome burst of sun light. They giggled their way through the end of the session and it couldn’t have gone any better! I mean just look at how adorable they are ♥ Thank you for such a great session Liz & David xo

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