Dow’s Lake Engagement: Sarah & Noyan

April 23, 2020

Sarah + Noyan

Have you ever seen the Red Sumacs that grow here in Ottawa? Well Dow’s lake and the Arboretum actually have quite a few of these and when I saw them at Sarah and Noyan’s engagement session, I just knew we had to get some shots in. Sarah and Noyan are the first couple to book me without ever meeting me. And that alone made me so very happy because they saw my work and trusted me – sight unseen so to speak! How to make a girl feel fabulous, right? Their engagement session was such a fun one.

We met at the Arboretum for the first time and I was so impressed with their attire! I mean Sarah wore this beautiful flowy dress (honestly I’m obsessed, it’s so pretty) and a sweet red leather jacket. While Noyan wore a fabulous suit with a purple collard shirt, spiffy indeed. We spent our time walking around, stopping for a few shots any time we saw pretty scenery or pretty fall colours. Which lucky for us, Dow’s Lake and the Arboretum are perfect to get those fall colours. We discussed quite a bit as well. But the two things that stuck out to me were that 1) Sarah is a smart cookie, she has her PhD in Neuroscience (which damn). And 2) she got her wedding dress for under $100 if I remember correctly. PhD and a wedding dress under $100, yeah, she’s a genius, just saying.
Her engagement ring also stuck out to me. Noyan got a custom Amethyst ring made and of course, with it being purple I was just in love with it. Just look at it, it’s beautiful! It was honestly a perfect evening of just strolling along, taking beautiful photos and getting to know each other. I really do think Dow’s lake was the perfect setting for them! But alas, as I write this, their wedding which was set to be May 30th has now been postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic and has been moved to April 2021. But don’t be sad, because they know (Sarah told me so this is a direct quote) that their love persists regardless of when they actually get married. How amazing are they? I honestly can’t wait for their wedding, it’s going to be beautiful and personal and ughhhhh 2021 is just so far away.

For now, enjoy their glorious fall engagement at Dow’s lake with the red Sumacs!

Newly engaged couple take on their engagement session at Ottawa's Dominion Arboretum and Dow's Lake. Soon to be bride is wearing a beautiful red leather jacket over a classic and beautiful black floral print dress. Photographed by Samantha Danis Photography. Engagement session at the Dominion Arboretum in Ottawa. Couple are leaning against a wooden fence while embracing. Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis. Newly engaged couple walking hand in hand down a hill at the Dominion Arboretum in Ottawa. Cloudy overcast skies create a dramatic effect while the brides red leather jacket pops against the green grass. Photo taken by Ottawa Photographer Samantha Danis. Engaged couple sitting under a Willow tree at Ottawa's Dominion Arboretum during their fall engagement session. Photo taken by Samantha Danis Photography. Engaged couple sitting on rocks under a willow tree. The bride leaning in to kiss her fiancé as she smiles. Photo taken by Ottawa engagement Photographer Samantha Danis. Fiancée holding her soon to be husband's face and lovingly gazing into his eyes. Engagement session at the Ottawa Dominion Arboretum captured by Samantha Danis Photography. Engaged couple laughing while they walk hand in hand down at Dow's Lake in Ottawa. Captured by Samantha Danis Photography. Newly Engaged couple stand in front of a red sumac tree as the soon to be bride looks over her shoulder at her fiancé and smiles. Photograph captured by Samantha Danis Photography in Ottawa Ontario. Couple standing in front of each other, holding each other in their arms as a red sumac tree glows behind them. A double exposure is created with an iPhone and reflects the sky underneath the couple creating the illusion of floating. Photo taken by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis. Newly engaged couple cuddling in front of a red Sumac tree at Dow’s Lake Peninsula. Wedding will be held at Ottawa’s Orange Art Gallery in Westboro in the Spring 2021. Beautiful location for photoshoots in the city and perfect for fall colours. Image Taken by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Samantha Danis. Couple standing side by side, arm linked together as the soon to be bride looks up at her fiancé and laughs. Carleton University is seen in the background beyond Dow's Lake. Ottawa wedding photographer Samantha Danis. Engaged couple cuddling during their engagement session. Fianc. is leaning his head into his bride as she looks into the camera, smiling. Beautiful fall colours displayed int he trees int he background beyond Dow's Lake. Crisp fall engagement session at Dow's lake. Couple standing with the bride having her back to the groom as they look over at each other lovingly. Beautiful fall colours in the trees surrounding them. Photo taken by Samantha Danis Photography. Couple take a stroll along Dow's Lake with the Arboretum and Carleton University in the distance. Bride looks up at her groom as she wears a beautiful red leather jacket. Engaged couple standing under a large red maple tree. Bride stands behind her fiancé as she wraps her arms around him to caress him. The Dominion Arboretum can be seen beyond the water. Photo taken by Samantha Danis Photography. Newly engaged couple getting a close up photo done during their engagement session at Dow's Lake. Bride is wearing square glasses and the groom is sporting a nice beard. Photo taken by Samantha Danis. Newly Engaged couple stand holding hands while taking a quiet moment to cuddle under a large red maple tree. Wide shot framing the couple, the tree and the lake around the Dow's Lake Peninsula. Ottawa Wedding photographer Samantha Danis. Ottawa Engagement Ring created custom by the groom. This halo round ring is centred by a beautiful purple amethyst. Samantha Danis Photography Engaged couple at the very last bit of Sunset on Ottawa's Dow's Lake Peninsula. Behind them is Carleton University, hidden by beautiful trees and their fall colours. Photo taken by Samantha Danis Photography.

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