“I believe that we could be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.” -Meredith Grey


  • You’ll receive an email response from me with a few questions
  • After that, I’ll send over a booking proposal with all the pricing info
  • You’ll be able to book directly online OR we can schedule a consult

Thank you so much Sam, they look INCREDIBLE and I am OBSESSED.”

Kelsea and Mike


My recommendation is to book myself, and any of your must have/favourite vendors asap. Dates fill up fast and you can never be sure when I will or will not be available. I typically book a year in advance but have also booked 2-3 years in advance.

Absolutely! In fact, I’d love to help you with your timeline at anytime during the process. As someone who’s been photographing weddings for 13 years, I’m full of knowledge when it comes to planning the days events and will be able to gage it best when it comes to lighting/time of day.

Of course. Sometimes during the booking phase, clients will book a smaller package to make sure they have the date reserved with me. But later on, realize they’ll need more time. And so, upgrading is always an option.
*Note that down grading your package is not possible.

With ease. Regarding bad weather, not a problem at all. All my equipment is weather sealed and I always bring a change of clothes. For my clients, I bring 20 clear umbrellas with me at all my weddings so I have them covered too. I always search indoor locations nearby to photograph in if ever the venue doesn’t allow for this. And if you have a dark venue, no problem. I’m super efficient with flash and am not afraid of dark spaces.

Yes and no. You can email me ANYTIME and if it’s urgent, I’ll answer asap. If it isn’t, typically I respond within 48hrs but during busy season, expect it to take 1-2weeks. You can reach out about anything at any time. I also give most of my clients my cellphone number for even quicker contacting ;).

Once your booking is finalized, you’ll receive an email with your very own client portal. In this portal you’ll have access to your galleries directly to download your photos straight to your computer. As for delivery, this varies on a few things like time of year and type of session (i.e engagement vs wedding). For smaller sessions, expect 1-2 weeks. For a wedding, expect 4-8weeks. During busy season, delivery is on the later end of the scale.