Colleen and Kyle: Backyard Wedding

Sitting on her now husbands lap, Colleen kisses Kyle's forehead in an intimate private moment between the two during the Ottawa Wedding
I’m sure if you follow along instagram then you’ve read about Colleen and Kyle Backyard Wedding but now it’s time to write it out fully and I am so excited!

First off, I’VE MISSED YOU ALL (yes you who is reading this). As we all know, the world went through and is still going through a Pandemic over the last three months which meant a lot of change in all of our lives. For me the hardest hit was that almost all of my weddings from 2020 postponed to 2021 (Ottawa Wedding season is looking quite different right about now) but Colleen and Kyle were determined to stick it out. And omg am I ever glad they did. Leading up to the day was so nerve wracking because we had no idea what the day would end up looking like. Not only was I not allowed to work (non-essential worker) but Ontario’s rules states no more than 5 people were allowed together.

Luckily for us though, the week of the wedding it was announced that not only would I be able to work again but the rules were now 50 people allowed for a ceremony!!! It was like the heavens opened up and gave me the go ahead and boy were we ever excited.

The day of the wedding was a chilly one and overcast but I knew the sun would make it’s way through eventually and I was right! Driving up to Kemptville had a few drops of rain but then everything cleared up and we got a beautiful sunny day! I headed over to the Kemptville Suites where Colleen and Kyle would be getting ready. I met up with Bryan, the Videographer and we made our way up to Kyle. He was hanging out in his room with his parents and brother, just lounging about. I got to work right away on getting a couple details while I waited for Colleen to arrive and Bryan set up to interview Kyle. Sadly I wasn’t there for very long as Bryan needed quiet for the interview so I left to wait for the ladies. Luckily for me, they arrived within minutes and off we went to get all the final touches.

We entered the room and Colleen’s friend got straight to work to doing her makeup and thankfully so as makeup artists are still as of right now, not allowed to work. I grabbed her beautiful gown, Tiffany & Co. rings and super awesome Gucci Disney shoes and got to work doing some details. Colleen and I discussed the plan for the day, talked about nerves, happiness, cats and of course their adorable new puppy Bella. Honestly it seemed like time stood still for a minute. Here we were, in Kemptville in a historic beautiful building and I was shooting a wedding. Life was grand for all of us in that moment.

We were running a little behind at this point but really, who cared? This wedding was happening and that’s all we cared about! Colleen’s mum, Judy, arrived right on time to get Colleen in her beautiful gown. It was in this moment that Judy realized how difficult bridal dress buttons truly were! We had a laugh and we ultimately decided that Colleen’s made of Honour (and one of my past brides) Amy, would do the honours of finishing up the buttons. But not before doing a first look with the girls of course!

black prada shoes beautiful aligned with a tom ford bowtie during the grooms getting ready at the kemptville suites. Ottawa Groom looking away from the camera lost in thought while being filmed for his wedding interview at the Kemptville Suites by Bryan Jones Video Luxury Couture Bridal gown worn by an Alberta Bride hanging on a window sil at Kemptville Suites flanked by mickey disney gucci sneakers. Ottawa Bride Colleen getting her makeup done by a friend at the Kemptville Suites for her Ottawa Wedding Vendor Mickey Mouse Disney gucci sneakers placed in front of bridal bouquet for a wedding at the Kemptville Suites Pear shaped engagement ring in white gold and yellow gold men's wedding band tucket into Disney Gucci sneakers at an Ottawa Wedding during Covid-19. Bride getting helped by her mother in her wedding gown at the Kemptville Suites Ottawa Wedding Photographer
The ladies were hiding in the bathroom at this point so I got them to close their eyes, hold hands, and guided them into the room for the big reveal. 1,2,3, they opened their eyes and although they were quiet, their faces said it all. Happiness, lots of smiles and lots of tears, they just couldn’t get over how beautiful their friend was. And she was absolutely stunning.

Sadly one of Kyle’s siblings couldn’t make it to the wedding with her son so Colleen opted to do a virtual facetime with her and it too was honestly adorable. She couldn’t hold it back and the tears started pouring as Colleen smiled, basking in it all. She was about to get married and although not everyone could be there, she still had her moments with those that matter most.

I’d realized there was a plastic bag on the bed and it looked to be a veil, turns out it was! I took it out and it needed a good steaming so Emilia took it out and got right to it. We quickly hopped in the cars and drove down the road to the grocery store Colleen’s father owns to surprise him with a first look.

He was already in his suit and working in the office when we got there so Colleen placed herself between the fresh produce and her mum went and guided her dad out to see his little girl. He was so happy, his smile never left his face, his eyes were bright and he went in for a hug with his little girl. And just like that, the morning was over and it was time to head over to Colleen’s parents home to finally marry these two love birds.

Three of the brides friend wait with their eyes closed to see the bride in her wedding dress Ottawa Photographer. Three of the brides friend wait with their eyes closed to see the bride in her wedding dress Ottawa Photographer. Bride sees her friends reaction to their first look of her all dressed in her wedding gown in Kemptville Ontario Bride's sister in law and nephew could not attend the wedding due to covid-19 and facetimed to see her dressed up for the first time in Kemptville Ottawa. Ottawa bride's reaction to doing a first look via facetime with her sister in law. Ottawa Ontario Bride's father own's a grocery store and worked on the morning of her wedding. Bride surprised him by doing a first look at the store. Bride's father own's a grocery store and worked on the morning of her wedding. Bride surprised him by doing a first look at the store. First look between father and daughter at the grocery store he owns in Kemptville Ontario. Covid-19 Wedding

Judy and Jim had spent the weeks leading up to the wedding fixing up their gardens and deck and making sure everything was perfect, and it truly was. Their devotion to making their daughters day as perfect as possible was the sweetest thing and I know Colleen and Kyle are grateful. They even created a mulched pathway from the front of the house to the ceremony space on the deck. It created the perfect aisle for their daughter to walk down on.

Jim was beaming as he held colleen in his arm and Judy wasn’t far behind helping with her train. Kyle held it together as I expected him too but I saw him mouth ”you look beautiful” as she walked up to him. They were up with their officiant, made of honour and best man as their close family and friends were spread about the property watching from a respectable distance.

The ceremony was beautiful with traditional vows looped in with some modifications and a lovely speech from Kyle’s father. Right before Kyle’s father came up however, Rose, Colleen’s cat, made her way over to the patio door and she watched a bit of the ceremony, it was honestly the cutest thing. I pointed her out to Colleen and she leaned over to have a peak, she was very happy Rose was able to join in ont he fun. They exchanged their beautiful rings and kissed to seal the deal. After 6years, they were finally husband and wife.

Bride walking arm in armw ith her father as her mother carries her train down the aisle in Kemptville, Ontario. Ottawa backyard wedding first time the groom see's his bride during their backyard ceremony. Bride and groom smile at each other as their ceremony commences in their parent's backyard during the Covid-19 shutdown. Grooms sister holds up cellphones during the ceremony for guests and family that could not attend due to Covid-19 Restrictions at an Ottawa Wedding Close up shot of the bride and groom holding hands during their Backyard Wedding Ceremony in Ottawa, Ontario. Bride and groom looking into each other's eyes during backyard Ceremony at an Ottawa Wedding Photographer Groom sneaks a sweet gaze at bride and tries to hold back a smile during their backyard wedding ceremony Ottawa Photographer Bride recites her vows while tearing up during her backyard wedding in Kemptville ontario. Covid-19 pandemic would not stop her wedding from happening. The bride's cat, rose, snuck to the window to watch her parent's get married in Kemptville. Ottawa wedding photographer. Bride and groom watch on as the groom's father recites his speach during their wedding ceremony in Kemptville Happiest of moments as the bride and groom share their first kiss as husband and wife during their Summer Ottawa Wedding

As Colleen and Kyle greeted their guests, I took some time to get photos of the hard work that had been put into making this beautiful and magical day happen. A small tent was put up to accommodate the guests who wanted to have some shade while eating and was decorated simply with Edison bulb string lights, beautiful blue vases filled with white flowers, homemade party favours (Was it Jam or Maple syrup, either way it looked delicious), and finally the plates were topped off with beautiful white and blue patterned napkins. There was even beautiful gold and silver balloons congratulating the happy couple. They were also able to get custom cookies made and a beautiful cake and cupcakes by Batter Up Baker. They ended up getting catering from Lone Star and it was absolutely delicious, like honestly more couples should get fajitas for catering. I’ll crash all of the wedding, guaranteed. Guests grabbed some food and sprawled around the property eating and enjoying the beautiful summer day. It was simple, but beautiful and perfect♥

White tent with string lights and blue decor to create an Intimate Backyard Wedding Setting. Homemade jam sits inside the tent adding a touch of decor to this beautiful Backyard Wedding in Ottawa Congratulatory balloons hang in the corner of the backyard tent of this Ottawa Wedding Photography A simple white frosted single tear wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers at this Ottawa Wedding by Batter Up Baker. Ottawa wedding vendors Batter up bakery simple cupcakes for this backyard wedding in Kemptville.

After doing family photos, I stole Colleen and Kyle away with the videographers and off we went to get bridal portraits done. I wasn’t worried at all about how these would turn out because these two are pros. Colleen has the most beautiful smile and Kyle has that smirk that just radiates coolness. Top his smirk off with a damn nice suit and that Tom Ford tie and it was a winning combo. It was getting really hot at this point so I didn’t want to have to make them do too much and especially not out in the sun. But they were more than willing so we ended up making them do a few sprints up and down the street. Got the blood flowing that’s for sure!

Bride is sitting on the grooms lap as he sits on her parent's home front steps during their bridal portraits Ottawa Wedding Photographer Sitting on her now husbands lap, Colleen kisses Kyle's forehead in an intimate private moment between the two during the Ottawa Wedding Brides looks into the camera as her groom kisses her forehead at their family home in Kemptville, Ontario. Samantha Danis Photography passion quality and love. Alberta couple, Colleen and Kyle, stand in front of her family home holding hands and staring lovingly into each others eyes after being pronounced husband and wife for the first time.Photographed by Samantha Danis Photography Portraits aren't always traditional as we see here! The bride and groom hold hands as they run down the street for their video footage with videographer Bryan Jones. Bride holds her bouquet and looks into the camera. The focus is on the beautiful white, green and soft blue bouquet while the bride herself is out of focus in the background surround by trees Ottawa Wedding Photographer. Colleen looks over her shoulder and down at her beautiful gown as she holds her bouquet for a beautiful bridal portrait at her Backyard Wedding during the covid-19 Pandemic The brides back faces the camera, dress fanned out and being held by her new husband. They look lovingly into each other's eyes as the sun piertces through the trees creating the perfect photo for their Ottawa Wedding. They say perfection does not exist but it certainly does when you look at these two. Bride looking at her groom as he stares at the camera with his handsome smirk and Tom Ford Bowtie. Bear hugging his new wife from behind, Kyle Kisses her on the head as she leans into him and relaxes releasing a beautiful soft smile during their Ottawa Wedding. Bride and groom hold each other arm in arm during the lest of their bridal portraits in Kemptville, Ontario. Samantha Danis Photography.

After portraits it was time to get the first dance going. Colleen and Kyle stepped onto the deck as the guests watched from below just admiring the beautiful couple.

Side story and a funny one, their puppy Bella (8weeks old) had been sleeping for most of the day outdoors but of course right as the first dance is about to start, she gets up and starts wandering around only to stop and do her business… right beside the deck… right as the music was about to start. We all laughed and applauded the little puppy, cleaned things up and went right back to it!

Colleen and Kyle swayed to the music, talking and laughing and then they kind of slowed down even more, almost stopping and they turn to look at us and say; ”We don’t know what we’re doing, is this right?” I couldn’t help but laugh! I forget how it’s not common for people to really know how to slow dance anymore so I yelled out that they were doing great and to just keep at it. So they did. They looked so happy and like they were taking in this moment as it was in all of it’s glory.

After their dance Kyle did a quick Mother son dance with his beautiful momma and then Colleen did her father daughter dance. But Colleen chose American Pie by Don McLean which was a long song so after a minute or two of dancing she invited all of her guests up to social distance dance in pairs as she boogied her way down to her grandparents.

They held hands, laughed and danced together just enjoying the time for what it was, beautiful. Colleen and Kyle then quickly cut their beautiful cake before jumping right into the bouquet toss (probably one of my favourite parts to this wedding honestly). So obviously there was not a lot of guests and only two of the ladies were not married and therefore eligible to participate in the toss itself but was it ever a good one.

The two ladies lined up as Colleen danced around and laughed at the whole thing. She tossed it and omg, Emilia just BOOKED IT! She leapt into the air, got mad height (look at the photo, seriously), arms extended like she was about to catch a rugby ball and she caught it (obviously). And that is how I ended my day, with an epic bouquet catch.

On a hot summe rday, they did their first dance and couldn't help but laugh as they had no idea if they were doing it right. Holding each other close, Ottawa Bride and groom cuddle up during thei first dance as husband and wife. Ottawa Wedding Vendor. Who knew a first dance was so complicated! Colleen and Kyle slow danced at their backyard wedding but they weren't sure if they were doing it right. Well done on this Summer Backyard Wedding. Always smirking, Kyle releases a full blown smile as he dances with his bride for the first time as husband and wife. Samantha Danis Photography. Mother looks up at her son as they share their first dance in this backyard wedding. Samantha Danis Photography was the photographer and Bryan Jones Video for Videography. Reaching up to give her ever so tall son a hug at the end of their dance. Ottawa Bakcyard Wedding Custom deck built for the wedding, a father holds his little girl during their father daughter dance as tears start to stream down both of their faces. Samantha Danis Photography. Many emotions happened during this dance but my favourite had to be when Colleen tucked her head into her father's shoulder as she started to cry during their father daughter dance. Ottawa Wedding Photographer. Holding hands ring a round the rosie style, our bride dances with her grandparents and throws her head back in laughter and happiness. Samantha Danis Photography. Backyard weddings aren't always easy for grandparents but these two made it work and the joy on their faces says it all. Bride laughs as she is about to throw the bouquet to the only two single people at the wedding. Ottawa Wedding The brides sister in Law jumps with a look of determination on her face as another guest looks on almost afraid to try and get the bouquet away from her. She cought the bouquet and rightfully so with that epic jumo catch. Ottawa Backyard Wedding.
Colleen and Kyle, thank you a million times for holding out hope and going ahead with this perfect wedding. I hope you had an amazing day and although it may not have been exactly what you had envisioned, know that to all of us able to attend it was perfect and beautiful and we love you.

♥ Vendor Love ♥
Wedding Dress: With Love Bridal Boutique by Martina Liana
Suit: Harry Rosen
Florals: Passiflora
Cookies: Ginger Vizzari
Catering: Lone Star Ranch Catering
Cake: Batter Up Bakery
Videographer: Bryan Jones Photo ⁄ Video
Getting Ready Location: Kemptville Suites
Photography: Samantha Danis Photo

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