Cherine & Taylor: Wedding Palace Bridal Show Winners

October 17, 2017

Tonight was absolutely magical! I Am seriously blessed with the all time best clients and tonight was no exception. I met Cherine at the Wedding palace Bridal show two weeks ago and we hit it off right away! And so it was fate, her name was drawn and she won a free engagement session, yay! We met on Monday the 9th to do the session and discuss to wedding plans and of course for me to meet Taylor. We had such an awesome time chatting, I felt like she I could have been friends forever! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest on Monday so we rescheduled the session for Friday and once again, the weather was just so blah! So we hoped that today would be better and omg was it ever. It was very very cold in comparison to the past couple days but at least it wasn’t raining so that’s a positive right? Cherine and Taylor got out of their car and I was soooo hyped to start shooting, I mean just look at what they’re wearing!?! How beautiful are they? We walked along the paths, took some detours and had an amazing time talking, shooting but most of all laughing. I showed them the awesome gash on my forehead from a previous session in the day where a little boy was throwing stones and branches and one magically flew towards me… So naturally I ducked but when I did that I brought my camera up too quickly to my head and BOOM! Gash on the forehead and more blood than I thought would come of it. So needless to say my head was a little sore for their session haha. There was so much laughter during this shoot! Cherine told me how awkward they thought it might be and maybe the first few minutes were but there was none of that for the rest of the session. They cuddled, kissed, and I mean KISSED, danced (well tried too), climbed trees, hip checked each other (wait what) and exuded love, so much love. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole thing. We made our way around the Arboretum and up to the Greenhouses for the last little bit on sunlight. They had brought some delicious champagne and we decided to pop it like it’s hot (oh god Sam…). We shook it, popped it, sprayed it and drank it! Who knew we could do such things on public property, shhhhhh. Well there’s picture proof so no shushing really. We ended the session with the gorgeous sun dipping behind the greenhouse and Cherine sipping down the rest of the bottle. All in all I was sad it was over but ecstatic to get home and work on these photos! So without further ado, here are the ever so beautiful Cherine & Taylor ♥

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