It took almost two months but we did it! We were finally able to do Brendan and Jason’s engagement session and I’m so happy :). I met these two at the Wedding Palace Bridal show this past September and I could tell right away as they walked up to my booth that I would love them. We chatted about their wedding which will be held at the ever beautiful Le Belvédère in 2019 and all of their oh so casual plans and basically it was a ”You had me at Hello” moment. I just loved them. So when I drew the names for my Engagement Session winners and Jason’s came up, I was pretty giddy. Fast forward to our original session date and both Brendan and Jason had come down with some kind of virus which meant we had to reschedule and we did it a few times actually due to crummy October weather and work schedules oh and not to mention the time change (thanks Canada) which meant sunset sessions were out of the questions thanks to work. But we finally made it happen yesterday, yay! They showed up in their fancy coats, I say fancy because they look like male models in them, and I loved it.  They warned me they may be awkward in front of the camera and that’s totally okay with me because honestly, who isn’t? But I sat them down and just got them to talk to each other and magic happened. They smiled, they laughed and they made things super easy. Brendan even told me that his parents were obsessed, well are obsessed, with taking photos and documenting things so he’s secretly a pro in front of the camera and I definitely saw that once I started shooting. Jason also warned me that he tends to do the Chandler Smile (to all the FRIENDS fans out there, you’ll get it) so I had to call him out on it whenever he did it and lucky for me it would make him smile for real when I did so. We walked around Rockcliffe Pavilion and just hung out and made jokes for most of the session which makes it a favourite session in my books. We even attempted to do a dip kiss and let’s just say it created smiles and lots of laughter but no dip kiss was ever done haha! I even got them to slow dance and twirl a little which made for some pretty cute moments to say the least. We ended the session with some cuddles and kisses (Brendan and Jason, not me) over looking Gatineau and the river. Thanks for being such awesome sports and for being yourselves in front of my lens, I loved being able to capture this session for you xo♥

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