Bianca & Jean: Wedding at Le Belvédère

April 30, 2017

Saturday April 29th was an absolute dream! I woke up to a gloomy morning but that didn’t stop my excitement for what was to come later that day, Bianca & Jean’s wedding. I get excited for all my weddings, but to start off my spring-summer season at Le Belvédère was definitely a highlight. By the time I left the house the sun was shining and the wind was blowing and I was about to go meet my groom and his boys at the Hilton Lac Lemay for a quick getting ready session. Jean, being the kind gentleman he is, arrived late so that his bride, who was getting ready in the room before him, could have some extra time in case she needed it. What a sweetheart right? So as Bianca left, Jean and his guys appeared and off we were to the 18th floor, executive floor, Fancy huh? The boys were a little let down when they got into the room and saw a box of donuts only to find that it was empty, no food for them! They quickly got dressed as we were short for time but that didn’t stop them from having fun. Jean took those pants right off to display his Ninja Turtle boxer’s that Bianca gave him, and he was so proud of them! His groomsmen even gave him a hand with getting dressed like helping him with his cufflinks, bowtie, suspenders, jacket, Alex even had to cut his pocket open to put the little handkerchief. These boys were looking dapper I must say. You don’t often see black tie weddings anymore and it was a really nice change. Bianca had left a little note for her soon to be husband to read and he sat down and took a moment to read it before we were on our way. It was filled with beautiful messages about their life and how she was mostly excited to be back in the hotel room with him tonight, in their pyjamas eating leftover wedding food. That right there is a couple after my own heart. The day being filled with friends and family was still only about them as a couple and what awaited them in the future, how sweet! It was also filled with a bunch of inside jokes which these two have a ton of! Jean held it together though, barely tearing up but I knew what was to come later. After a look in the bathroom mirror to fix his hair we were off to the lobby for a quick shot and then off to Le Belvédère we went!

The girls were already at the little cottage on the property getting their final touches done. Kat (of Matt & Kat Films) and I decided to take the dress out for a little walk in the woods while Matt flew the drone over the area. Lucky for me Kat is a little taller than I am and was able to get the dress up in a tree, Thanks Kat! The wind was very strong and the dress just kept swaying from side to side but we got the shot and were quick to bring the dress back in to it’s awaiting bride. People were in and out of the cottage, looking for the babysitter, making sure everything was in order but it was finally time to get dressed! Bianca’s dress was absolutely stunning but she was the one who made it pop. Now I don’t think people understand how complicated tying a dress with a corset can be, it’s an art and Bianca’s bridesmaid did an amazing job at making sure that everything looked perfect and that the bride could breathe (an important factor). After the dress was on, Bianca opened her gift from Jean. An adorable hand written note with big bold orange writing in the front saying I LOVE YOU awaited Bianca in the box. As she smiled and read the note, she saw what was behind it. Two bottles of Mustard, one normal, and one Honey Mustard dressed as a bride and groom. This, again being a joke between them just so you get a little info; Bianca & Jean met online and on her profile she had written I Love Mustard. So Jean wrote to her saying mustard was good but Honey Mustard was better (I may be off a bit on this one but it was a long those lines), and so it came to be, the greatest pick-up line, and the rest is history. A quick touch up of the hair, veil put in and an adorable greeting from Bianca’s grandfather and it was time to be on our way to get these two married!

The ceremony was held out on the beautiful pavilion on the property over looking the Gatineau Hills and Valley. We definitely couldn’t have asked for a better day! Jean surprised everyone by walking down the aisle to the James Bond theme song and it had everyone giggling. But honestly, I couldn’t see him walking down to anything other than that with how dapper he looked in that suit. The groomsmen followed along and it was time for the girls, which obviously did not walk down the aisle to James Bond haha. It was time for Bianca and her dad to make their entrance. Now if you’ve ever been to an outdoor wedding at Le Belvédère, you know that the bride comes out of the side door, walks along there, turns a corner and then makes her way to the beginning of the aisle. Usually, that’s when people stand, giving the groom a little peek at his bride over people’s heads. But no, not this time around. Everyone stood as soon as Bianca took a step out the door, meaning Jean didn’t get a look at her until she arrived at the beginning of the aisle, which was absolutely perfect! His reaction was absolutely adorable. He was all smiles, then her music started and you could see the tears start welling up in his eyes and then the moment he saw her was just… it was just wow. She literally took his breath away and he couldn’t hold it back anymore. Bianca kept her smile as she saw his but you could see the quivering lip as she held it all in.  The officiant kept herself in the aisle so Bianca & Jean could see their guests and everything was ”Unplugged”, no one had their cameras or phones out and even the officiant didn’t have a mic, it was all natural and just pure love. The couple wrote vows to each other and those were just so beautiful. They made promises to each other and jokes which each other which you could tell was just purely them, in that moment, they were alone, just the two of them dreaming about their future. They cried and smiled and just made everyone around them so happy to be present with them in that moment, I was grateful to be present with them, sharing this amazing moment. A quick exchange of the rings and it was time for the big kiss. They did not disappoint with multiple kisses before holding hands and making their way down the aisle as husband and wife for the very first time! Mr. and Mrs. Lefebvre.

See above: Left, waiting to see Bianca. Right, just saw her for the first time and couldn’t help but smile and fight back those tears.

Some quick and easy family photos and off we were to do some bridal party photos. We were making our way down to the cliffside when I decided we should take a peek in the indoor ceremony space and see what we could come up with. And we came up with our own little vogue style bridal party party shoot. This right here, this is class.

After eating some yummy sliders we went off to the cliffside. Which let’s be honest, in heels and dresses, is not always the most ideal. Well I wasn’t that much better in small sandals but hey, we all survived it and no one broke an ankle! This group was so lovely to photograph, took directions well, actually I didn’t really have to give them much direction, they were pretty darn good at doing it on their own! They chatted it up, made each other laugh and were just such troopers considering how strong the wind was at times.

After a few shots with the group it was time to focus on our gorgeous bride and groom. We hung around the cliffside so we could take advantage of the beautiful scenery in the background and of course try and get that super strong wind to blow in Bianca’s veil. Lucky for us it picked up a few times and allowed for me to get these awesome shots. I’ll admit, Kat did go down and throw it up at one point cause it was just not cooperating. In all seriousness, the wind would blow when we were walking or adjusting hair and when it came time to shoot, it would die down. Mr. wind was just not as cooperative as I had hoped. But we made magic happen none the less. These two were just so happy in their world, they talked and giggled and kissed, it was all just so natural to them and that honestly makes for the best pictures. After a few more pictures along the cliffside it was time to head inside for their reception, which we had delayed to take more pictures hihi.

We even snuck out during sunset just to get a few more shots of this amazing couple with that oh so gorgeous end of the day light.

The room here is already so beautiful and neutral that Bianca & Jean only had to bring their little bits of decor to make everything feel like them, from the beautiful silver frames and votives, to the mustard guest favours, to the cake Bianca made herself two days before the wedding, everything was just perfect. The flowers added that soft touch of pink that just made this black tie affair spot on.

The wedding party walked in and did some funny little dances but of course our bride and groom stole the show with their shimmy down to their seats. The reception was so smooth and easy, it was also filled with laughter and plenty of tears to go around. The guests had to come up to the mic and tell a little story about the couple or sing a song to get them to kiss. And boy did we ever get some amazing ones, like the young-lings coming up to sing a little of Christina Perry’s 1,000 years, to one of the guests coming up and belting out a little Celine Dion’s ”The Power of Love” Which had everyone cheering! I think one of the speeches that stuck with me though was one of Jean’s Best men (he had two), which was his cousin Pat. He spoke so highly of Jean, and talked about all the amazing things he’s done for his over his life but that the greatest thing was that he was his best friend, his brother and that brought Jean and most people in the room to tears. It was for me, the sweetest moment of the night.

After all the excitement and delicious food came time for the first dances. Now Jean was adamant at having his first dance outside, under the pavilion, with a sparkler entrance. And although the temperature dropped pretty drastically (it was seriously so cold), the guests were given blankets and off they were to give this couple, the entrance they deserved. Again, while watching these two slow dance, I could tell they were in their own little world. Nothing around them mattered but that moment, and each other. Watching them was so sweet because he held her so close, kept her warm, sang to her and even gave her a few kisses on the forehead, she is and will always be his everything.

After the dance was over the guests headed indoors for the father-daughter, and mother-son dance. Although it would have been nice to do them all outdoors, it was just way too cold for that haha. Bianca and her father started things off with a slow dance to Enrique Iglesias’s Hero and then BOOM out of nowhere, the jacket went flying and sunglasses came on and they just started to boogie all over that dance floor. I didn’t even know what was happening, I don’t even remember the song it switched to, I just knew I had to shoot! And just like that they were back to finishing things up with their slow dance. Jean & his mom kept things traditional with a beautiful dance to My Wish- by Rascal Flatts. It was definitely a special moment between the two as Louise stared up at her son, so proud of what he’s achieved. The guests were then invited to participate in the dance and that’s when Bianca’s grandfather took her and brought her onto the dance floor for a little slow dance. These are some of my favourite moments in a wedding day, the feelings that everyone can see and feel themselves, that’s why I love that I do. After all was said and done, the party got going and Jean wasted no time on getting is booty shaking on. I ended my night on a high note and couldn’t thank these two enough for allowing me to share this special day with them. You guys were dream clients through and through and I hope you love these pictures as much as I do xox


Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero purchased at Sinders
Menswear: Moores
Wedding Cake: Made by the bride
Venue: Le Belvédère
Decor: DIY and Jessica from Le Belvédère
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Florals: Pretty Pots Flower Shop- Courtney Pigeon
Hair: TopKnot Hairstyling-Kirsty Gaudreault
Makeup: Klava Zykova
Videography: Matt & Kat Films
Photography: SD photography


Both stunning and fun! Thanks SD photography, for sharing so quickly!

Congratulations to Bianca and Jean

Auntie Marie xoxo

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