Anna & Danny: Winter wedding at Strathmere

February 26, 2017

Saturday was definitely an interesting one, and for various reasons. Well for one, ANNA and DANNY GOT MARRIED! But before we get to that part we had some steps to follow throughout the day. It all started with me waking up in the middle of the night to… Thunder? Wait, in February? I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep only to wake up to a grey day. Which by all means wasn’t all that bad. But as I prepped my ill self (I was on my 3rd day of Penicillin and barely recovered), and got into my car with all my gear, the weather turned to a nightmare. When you think of Strathmere and a winter wedding, you think of beautiful fluffy snow, a rustic old inn and cobblestone terrace. But after arriving to the venue, I knew we had our work cut out for us. It was literally down pouring and muddy absolutely everywhere, Anna’s biggest fear had come true. I made my way into The Lodge to be pleasantly surprised by what awaited me. The venue had been renovated and revamped to complete beauty (YAY STRATHMERE!). And Anna had made the decor just absolutely pinterest worthy, this girl knows how to decorate. After a few shots of the space I made my way to the schoolhouse where the girls were getting ready.

I arrived to find all the girls pretty much ready and in their Bridesmaids dresses, applying finishing touches with Anna hanging out in her Pj’s and chatting away. We quickly tidied up the room and got our bride in her gorgeous Aspen Gown. She was a true vision, but that was just a given as this girl is absolutely stunning. We had her dad come down the stairs, eyes closed to have the full surprise first look and when he did finally open his eyes, his look was that of a stunned and happy papa. A quick first look with our ladies along the banister and it was time for Anna and Danny’s first look. So on my way to the lodge I went.

Danny was already there, waiting for the big moment as Filippo, groomsmen and brother of the bride lit up the candles all around the fireplace for the magical moment. We opted to keep all photos indoors at this point due to the rain being far too heavy for any of us to go outside. Danny waited impatiently at the front of the fireplace as Anna made her way down. He turned to finally see his beautiful bride only to have the biggest smile on his face. The moment was quiet, but beautiful as Anna & Danny couldn’t help but look at each other and just embrace in their happiness. We took some time for ourselves and did a few portraits in front of the fireplace before inviting over the entire wedding party to get their boutonnières and bouquets and to start taking some shots!

The boys were uber cooperative in this party which made for a quick and easy transition in between shots (I am so thankful for you guys xo). And the girls, well it wasn’t my first rodeo with these ladies and I knew they would just be an absolute joy to work with. We attempted a shot outdoors by the end but the rain was still just too strong and we quickly scurried inside to hide before all the guests arrive.

The ceremony was an intimate and beautiful one at that. The wedding party walked down an aisle lit with romantic candles and to beautiful instrumental music. One by one they made their way down until Anna walked around the corner with her father, Joe. Danny was teary eyed at this point but totally held it together, can’t say the same for the ladies of the wedding party though! I can always count on these girls to cry, gotta love em. The ceremony was beautiful partly in thanks to the gorgeous backdrop but of course primarily because of the emotion felt throughout the room. And just as swiftly as the rain came down, these two were pronounced husband and wife and exchanged their first kiss in their new life! A quick signing of documents, a lovely prayer and off they were to enjoy their evening with family and friends.

The reception was a beautiful evening with quiet chatter and loud laughter amongst all the guests. After a delicious dinner thanks to the awesome staff at Strathmere it was time for speeches. We were graced with a funny speech by the grooms brother, Neil who finally did good on one of his promises from their childhood. A long time ago he made a deal with his brother that he would give him a telescope well he finally did it, he gave his little brother his very own telescope! Danny lifted it in triumph and with pure joy. Up next was Christina, the brides older sister. She told stories Anna growing up, and how although she was younger, she always managed to look up to her. Her absolute joy for her baby sisters big day was so beautiful to see and she surprisingly held it together! I was definitely expecting more tears on this one haha.  But that’s okay because the parent speeches definitely had the room in tears, especially Anna’s parents. But nothing compared to that of the speech from the bride and groom themselves. They spoke to their families and thanked them for all they’ve done, and of course to their bridal party. Danny spoke graciously and held his wife as she spoke through her tears and ended their speech with words to one another and a beautiful kiss. Did I mention that pretty much everyone in the room was in tears at this point? Especially Anna’s family, I love you guys so much♥.

Of course our happy couple had their first dance in front of candle light and a warm fireplace and were lost in the moment just the two of them. Followed by a beautiful father daughter dance filled with smiles. But the cream of the crop was this bunch on the dance floor. Ain’t nothing stopping them from busting a move! As I shot I couldn’t help but laugh and smile while watching them pull out some awesome dance moves before my eyes. Thanks for making my day such a joy even though I was really sick, you guys definitely know how to make a party awesome! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, well Anna & Danny, with the torrential down pour you guys got you’re going to have the most amazing married life of anyone I know. Congrats again and I can’t wait to see your love grow xox

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