Amy & Adam: OrchardView Wedding

August 28, 2017

What an awesome day! I awaited August 26th with so much anticipation because I knew I was going to have such a great time with Amy & Adam. I woke up to see the sun shining with no trace of rain for the forecast which made for a very happy Sam! I made my way to OrchardView out in Manotick and I was greeted by Amy and her ladies in their robes coming out practice their walk across the wooden bridge. They were happy and just beaming, I could tell she was floating on the cloud, I mean she was going to marry her best friend in under two hours. I walked up to their suite to find a table of food, which doesn’t surprise me since Amy looovvvess her food and The Princess Diaries playing on a laptop in a corner. This, I could tell, was going to be my kind of group of ladies to hang out with. We enjoyed our early afternoon laughing and chatting about anything and everything, we even made our way out onto the balcony for a few fun photos of them in their awesome Lulu Lemons Leggings (courtesy of our lovely bride) and their beautiful robes.  It was here that they were looking all cute and Joseph, one of the lovely videographers, surprised them and told them to do a Samurai pose! Erin was spot on and Kristen and Stasha followed suit but Amy… Well Amy wasn’t sure what to do so she kinda just stood there with her arms flailing. We did a re-do and this time she was spot on though, proud of you Amy ;). We continued with our chatting and munching of food until it was time to get ready. The girls waited for Amy out on the large balcony while her mom helped her get dressed. The second her dress was buttoned and zipped up, she turned around and her mom, Angie, immediately began to tear up. This of course triggered Amy to do the same and within seconds they were in puddles of tears. I had to get her to compose herself because she had three more first looks to get through before the ceremony.

She walked out onto the balcony to let her ladies see her first and their jaws simply dropped the second their eyes opened. Stasha even teared up a little seeing her soon to be sister-in-law. They walked right up to her and they did a big ole group hug and it was wonderful, that right there is true friendship. They even facetimed Colleen, a friend whom was meant to be a part of this awesome day but was unable to attend. And that right there, talking to Colleen, made Amy so happy. It was so lovely to see. We then proceeded to do the first look with her step-dad Andy. He waited for Amy and as she walked out and tapped his shoulder, he turned and burst right into tears, again putting amy into tears and just loads of crying all around. We finally ended the first looks with her dad Dave. I was sure he would cry obvious tears but he actually turned, and yes teared up but he just smiled the entire time with the biggest open mouthed grin possible. All in all, I can say that these were definitely all successful first looks. The girls then decided they should pop a little champagne before Amy makes her way down the aisle. Erin popped it because she is apparently the champion champagne popper, and she did so with much grace. Poured a few glasses for the ladies and then Amy gifted them with a little something. They each had hand written letters from Amy which made them all fairly emotional and in the boxes were beautiful hand picked candles with their own specific scents and design to represent each girl. Amy also had a special gift to open from her lovely groom. She read the card, actually before she even read three words she already started to freak out saying how she can’t do it and started to tear up. She read the card which many tears streaming down her face and opened the Tiffany blue box and bag to reveal a beautiful silver bracelet, How many girls can say they’re grooms got them a Tiffany’s piece of jewelry for their wedding day? A quick pop of the veil in her hair, a touch up of makeup and off we were to be married… Well and Amy and Adam anyways.

The ceremony space was beautiful and simple, with just some potted greenery lining the aisle and a beautiful wooden sign to greet their guests. The boys and Adam walked up to the front of the aisle to an instrumental song that seemed familiar but I just couldn’t pin point it. And then the girls walked down, and the song really built up and there it was, The Lord of the Rings song when you enter the Shire. They actually walked down the aisle to a the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, it was absolutely magical! I told Adam to look at his guys so that he wouldn’t see Amy across the way, and to only turn and face the aisle when she was at the very beginning. And he did exactly that, and the second, and I mean SECOND he saw her, he teared up and immediately started to cry. Amy held off for a few more second but it wasn’t long before her eyes welled up and poof, she was crying, you can see the very moment it happened right down here. Yep that adorable scrunched up smiling, teary eyed Amy, that’s the moment ↓ Now you see, she and Adam had a bet going on. If Amy was able to hold off from crying for the entire Ceremony, Adam would treat her to a spa day at Le Nordik. But if she cried at any point in time during, she was to treat Adam to an evening at Mill Street Brew Pub and be the DD… I hate to break to you Amy but you definitely lost that one.

The ceremony was quite beautiful. I know I say that all them time but ceremonies with special touches like traditions and personal vows are just extra special to me. And this ceremony had all of that. They had a traditional polish blessing where they eat bread, salt and drink wine; ” Thee bread represents the parents hope that their children will never experience hunger or need, the salt reminds the couple that their life may be difficult at times and they must learn together to cope with life’s struggles. The parents now present the glass of wine to the bride and groom for each of them to drink. With the wine, the parents hope that they will never thirst and that they will have a life of good health and cheer and share the company of many good friends. The parents now join in kissing the bride and groom as a welcome to the family and a sign of their love and unity.” There were so many jokes and so much laughter during this ceremony, I couldn’t help but watch with a huge dumb grin on my face. My favourite part though had to be their vows. I may not remember them all word for word but I do know this. In that moment, no one and I mean absolutely no one was under that gazebo but the two of them. They stared so lovingly into each others eyes as they read their vows to each other and both of them were in a puddle of tears not even half way through them all. They’re kiss was one for the books, Amy just couldn’t wait to get her hands on her man and boy did they ever not want to let go of one another. Amy reached for her bouquet and grabbed Adam’s hand and they booked it down the aisle in full celebratory mode, hands up, smiles on, they were married. Seriously, she just would not put her arm down, she was just too happy. 5years later, Finally!!!

We proceed to do family photos right by the gazebo. Funny story on that one. Joseph and I were looking at possible areas for the family photos right before the ceremony started so we walked along the path looking over the water quietly talking when out of the corner of my eye I see something move in the grass. I didn’t think much of it so I turned to have a better look and Holy Hot damn it was a big A** snake!!! And, I mean like the length of my arm and probably about an inch to an inch and a half thick in diameter just slithering away from us into the hedges. Needless to say I Yelled ”SNAKE!” and tip toed-ran back to the Gazebo. Joseph followed behind me with his head down whispering; ”It’s just a water snake, don’t yell. You’ll make everyone panic.” Well, obviously I didn’t listen because I hate snakes, but luckily no one heard me and everything was good. So yes, that’s exactly where we did family photos, and no, I did not tell Amy about the whole snake ordeal until after we were done :). We let the bridal party have a little breather, get some drinks in them and then we proceeded to walk around the property to see what kind of magic we could create. We started on this rickety dock that Amy requested a shot on, but oddly enough it was blocked off by a big yellow caution tape. Now I know the dock was old, but she wanted the shot so we took the tape down, went on it and did what we had to do. But as we walked by we noticed a massive, and I means hundreds of bees or wasps or whatever they were just hanging out in the grass and on the stone walk way. So obviously we figured out what the caution tape was for, and therefor were very careful. As we walked away and put the tape back up Amy stops and says; ” Can I get a closer look at them?” What Amy? Are you nuts, no, now get away from the killer bees! We walked along the property stopping whenever we saw some magical light or beautiful scenery. At one point the group decided it would be awesome if the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen did a hair flip that was so beautiful, I could only watch in awe. I mean, the guys had better hair than I could ever hope for.  We even went on to do a fun shot where I like to get my group pumped up and jumping. Now we tried something new, we tried to do a high five shot, but the coordination was a little off, so Joseph suggested doing the Samurai kick that we did with the girls. Well that, that was a success. Cody even had such a big leap he blocked out poor Erin, but it was just too epic, I had to show you guys.

We spent our last few moments together enjoying the end of day sun, cuddling on the beautiful bridge and gazebo on the water. Dancing by the water and just enjoying these last few moments of silence before they were in for a party. Just look at how stunning Amy is, seriously? While I took these photos of her, Adam just stood behind me and said ” Damn, that’s my wife.” and it was absolutely the sweetest thing ever. I honestly just love these two. We even snuck out during some of that golden hour light to get in a few more shots.

The reception space was beautiful! Gold and rose gold accents everywhere, with personal touches like artichokes holding their kissing game cards, a beautiful Large mirror acted as a seating chart with moss and floral accents. Their guests book was a beautiful large framed print of a tree that looked to be painted with ink and the guests were to sign on all the different branches. They had so many little touches but my favourites had to be on their cake and sweets table. Their cake topper was a lego bride and groom holding rings and even better yet, they had a T-rex bride and groom to greet their guests at the sweets table! I died of laughter when I saw those two small things, it just showed their personalities through and through. They started the reception off by going to each table and taking a shot of vodka with them, count em, 13 tables. These Polish traditions are absolutely awesome! And they may or may not have cheated a long the way but I will never tell you the truth.

Throughout the evening we were treated to lovely speeches by Ryan, Stasha and both Adam’s parents and Amy’s mom. They had everyone in giggle fits and of course our bride and groom couldn’t help but cry to many of the beautiful words spoken by their family and friends. After the meals and speeches, everyone gathered back outside under the gazebo (it was so cold at this point) for a sparkler filled first dance! The happy couple danced to a song written by the groomsmen, and it was so romantic. Even I, listened and swayed along with them as I listened in the hopes to figure out who the song was by. In the middle of the song though the speaker decided to die and everyone just looked at each other like OMG, what’s happening, what do we do. But Amy, psshhhh, she didn’t let it phase her, she threw her arms up in the air and yelled out of joy and almost as soon as she finished her cheer, the song started back up and they finished their dance in a loving embrace. We went back inside to continue with the  double father daughter dance and mother son dance and got our party started. And boy did these kids know how to dance! I watched behind my lens at the moves everyone whipped out and I just couldn’t believe them. Guys, I literally move my legs back and forth and sway my hips and call that dancing. These people were doing so, so, so much more than that. We snuck out one last time while people boogied on the dance floor to try and get some sparkler shots. I grabbed two of the groomsmen to do my dirty work and run around the bride and groom but after finishing I thought to myself ” Next time I’ll do this before the wedding party jumps into the booze haha. I think I got them pretty dizzy with all the running but it was totally worth it.

We ended our night together on the dance floor as it should be and I drove home a very happy camper. Amy & Adam, you guys are seriously the B.O.M.B! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing couple, and really a more so in love couple. They joy that radiated from these two was so pure and amazing and I am so so so grateful to have been a part of this with them. I love you guys and I hope life brings you nothing but happiness and so many more smiles and tongue sticking out moments xoxo ♥

Wedding Dress: Love Bird Bridal Kingston
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Planner & Decor: Ottawa Wedding Decor
Cake: Daina’s Bake shop
Videographer: Cloud in the Sky Studios
Photobooth: Shutterbug Photobooth
Hair and Makeup: Hair Expectations
Flowers: Ottawa Flowers
Photographers: SD photography


You captured our day beautifully. Every photo shows our true selves (just a whole lot prettier). I cannot thank you enough for the magic you worked on our special day!! I just keep coming back to relive the whole thing through you words and photos. Sam you are a miracle worker <3

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