November 18, 2021

Alma and Patrick: Century Wedding

FINALLY, Alma and Patrick were able to get married at Century Weddings! Seriously though, these two have waited so long for this day that they even had a baby in between getting engaged, having a minimony in 2020, and postponing their wedding! And she was seriously a huge part of the day being the star of it outside of her mom and dad of course.

When we spoke leading up to the wedding, I kept up with the weather radar and it was calling for another 20mm of rain. I wasn’t sure what to expect because although I’m one to embrace rain, this particular venue is essentially in the middle of a field and being November, things would be cold and muddy. But when the wedding day came, we got nothing but sunshine! Albeit, a tad cold and windy but we made do.

When I arrived at Century Weddings, Alma and Patrick were both their with their immediate families setting things up. Things were running a little behind but nothing we couldn’t handle. Alma and her girls quickly tucked away into the Bridal suite to start getting ready. I walked in to find two adorable babies, Oliver and Veronica hanging out in their pop up crib while the girls got dressed. I saw beautiful green dresses and fell in love instantly with the velvet one. I mean come on, we need to see more velvet at weddings, just sayin’. Because of the delay, things progressed quickly here on out. I turned to find Alma was already in her dress and I was like woahhhhh, where, how, what? But girl is independent and wanted to get things done. And so she did. Aisha was able to come in and help her with her zip and train though which was a sweet moment as Isabel and Amy watched with sparkles in their eyes as they saw their bestie as a bride. I will say, Alma’s dress was FIRE. Like the vintage 20’s lace pattern was *chef’s kiss*

Before heading out to do a first look between Alma and Patrick, we opted for a quick first look with her dad, Began. His face lit up as soon as he saw his little girl. He grabbed her instantly for a hug and you could feel the love and how proud he was of her. After a couple tears, mums watching from afar and much more love, it was time to sneak our couple out.

As Alma walked up to Patrick, he seemed really calm and when he turned to see his wife his face lit up! The smile spread across his face as he saw his gorgeous wife (soon to be again wife?) and he pulled her in for a kiss and a hug. They opted to exchange letters during their first look and so for a quiet moment, they read each other’s letters. Both of them had smile’s that kept getting bigger as they read through their respective letters. I have no idea what they said but I’m sure it was beautiful because you could feel the love radiating from them both. Good thing too because it was a wee bit chilly so the radiating heat helped keep everyone warm (was that funny? I’m not sure anymore). Our happy couple then took a moment to head inside, warm up, touch up some lipstick (Alma, not Pat) and grab a little bit of their brunch food before heading back out for more photos.

Soooo I didn’t realize that the ground was sodding wet as we walked onto the grass (because I wear boots to weddings) and so as everyone walked, Alma was like uhhh the grass is wet and I was like eehhhh it’s okay it’ll be fine. But things were not fine, our poor bride was wearing super cute pink velvet shoes and they were soaked through. I felt so bad! But to get things done, she opted to keep them on and just keep going. SORRY ALMA, ILY! We tried to get through bridal party photos quickly as being in the open area meant the wind was wild and cold. The boys had no problem dealing with it but the girls with the dresses and the hair flying everyone was quite the challenge. It made for funny pictures of them trying to hold all their hair down though and ultimately we all had a good laugh.

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I sent the bridal party back indoors to get warmed up and have more snackies while we took some more time with our bride and groom. Alma had this gorgeous fur shawl and a stunning mantilla veil that was TO DIE FOR. So we definitely had fun alternating between the two and adding some variety to their photos. In the 10 years I’ve been shooting weddings, I’ve never had a bride have a Mantilla Veil so this was a pleasant surprise on my end. It framed Alma so beautifully, I just couldn’t handle the beauty. Alma and Patrick rocked their portraits and we made quick work of it so that we could also get them inside to warm up.

Mantilla Veil Ottawa Wedding Fall Wedding Century Weddings and Events Fall Wedding Ottawa
We ended the early afternoon with beautiful family photos out in the ceremony area before guests started to arrive. I will say, my favourite part of these family photos was everyone trying to get both babies attention for all of them lol. Neither of them smiled as is common with babies in the scenarios but they didn’t cry so that’s a win in my books!

The ceremony was cold but beautiful and full of laughter. Pat walked down the aisle with his baby girl in arm as he handed her off to his mom when he got to the front. Alma walked down arm in arm with both of her parents and once again, proof that seeing each other prior to the ceremony doesn’t change the feel, Pat was all smiles with a twinkle in his eye as his wife turned the corner and Alma had a huge smile across her face. Seeing her husband at the front and her friends and family around her just made for a perfect moment. Even though Alma and Patrick were legally married last year, that didn’t change the fact that they wanted to share their ceremony with all their family and friends so that’s exactly what they did.

Their officiant did a full ceremony for them bringing lots of laughter along the way. Alma and Pat almost never took their eyes off each other, looking at each other so lovingly through it all. The guests also looked on at them very lovingly. Not that guests never do, but something about this wedding felt different. Everyone was cuddled under blankets provided by our bride and groom and full smiles as the sun was getting lower in the sky (thank god daylights savings was the next day). And once again, Alma and Patrick were pronounced husband and wife but this time, they got to kiss to cheers and applause by all the people they love.

Cocktail hour was great! Guests were able to enjoy drinks and DELICIOUS canapés while they mingled about making everything seem like normal times rather than covid times. Guys, I was obsessed with the Canapés, I’m not kidding. I’m not one to shy away when food is around me and Feta + Watermelon on a skewer, meatballs on a stick, bruschetta… yasssss. If you’re looking for good food, Century Wedding definitely knows what they are doing. As guests enjoyed and mingled, I stole our happy couple to go our for one last bout of portraits while the sun was setting and HOLY COW WAS IT EVER WORTH IT. The golden light hitting the property was absolutely stunning. Alma’s veil catching it all and then our happy couple just being so mellow and laid back now that the day was coming to food and the party just made everything so perfect. Alma really wanted to photos on the road out front of the property so we ended things there as we lost the light. The sky was still fire, the farmers were cutting their crops and it created a smokey background that just worked. We were just in awe of how gorgeous of a day they got. And with that, it was time to get the reception started.

The hall was decorated so beautifully. You were first greeted by a large table with golden accent and acrylic pieces guiding the guests. My favourite had to be their guest book that was a prompt book were guests filled things out like advice, tips, tricks, just a bunch of fun stuff. The hall itself had gorgeous gold chiavari chairs, navy blue linens, gold table numbers, Italian ruscus eucalyptus running down the tables and beautiful acrylic nameplates for every single guest. Guests quickly found their seats and our wedding party made their debut. They stood at the head table as Alma and Patrick boogied their way in and walked straight into their first dance.

I will say this, often times during first dances of any kind, including father-daughter, mother-son, you’ll have the occasional table of people that don’t pay attention or talk very loudly through it all. Not this group though. Everyone was so attentive to everything going out up front. It was so nice to see. Alma and Pat took their moment and they were swept off their feet into their own little world as their guests looked on. Afterwards we were greeted by their MC Sarah who did a PHENOMENAL job. She literally had all of us laughing and cheering the whole night. She even had paid actors at one table laughing at almost every word she said (no they were not actual paid actors, I’m kidding). The evening literally went by so perfectly. The food was delicious the laughter to be had by all was contagious . The babies had a great time throughout too which is hecka surprising. I never heard them cry, not even once. If anything, they were the life of the party, aside from then they were sleeping of course haha

Alma and her dad danced to a song he chose and they had such a good time doing it. He cradled her and smiled a huge smile through it all. I honestly wish I could know what was going on in people’s heads during these moments. What was he thinking? Was he just happy to be there, was he thinking ‘’this is my baby’’, what? We’ll never know. But it was beautiful and that’s all that matters. Pat and his moms dance was also super cute! Why you may ask? Because she basically smiled and cried through the whole thing. She had a tissue tucked away in her hand which she took out periodically to wipe away the tears. And at the end she took her arms out wide and danced to her son, it was adorable.

The rest of the evening was seriously a blasty blast and the perfect way for me to end my wedding season. The guests were having an amazing time on the dance floor, including the babies that had the coolest noise cancelling headphones. It took a little convincing for some guests but the DJ managed to get so many people on that dance floor and it was ultimately a great time. Shining moment had to be when Bicycle by Queen came on and the boys surprised us by creating a MAN BIKE. I’m not kidding, look at the photo below. They literally created a bicycle out of their bodies and Pat jumped on top to be the cyclist. It was hilarious, I keeled over in laughter in that moment. I obviously joined in on the dance party making sure I could get those real dance moments on camera and I wanted to have some fun too! Just as things were heating up, I took Alma and Patrick out for one last portrait in the dark and that was it for me. They went back in to enjoy their night and I went home to dream.

Alma and Pat, you guys were absolutely fantastic and I’m so happy I was able to celebrate essentially what was two special moments in your lives. Your friends and family were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my wedding season. Xox

Hair: Bombshell Hair Design
Makeup: OneFineBeauty
Wedding Dress: Sinders
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Indochino
Flowers: Flower Essence
Officiant: Dave Corkery
Venue: Century Weddings
DJ: 2Js Music Machine (Steve Bourguignon)

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