2019 Pricing Change

December 13, 2018

Guys it’s almost Christmas!!! Which means it’s also almost New years and with that comes a big change. As all my loyal clients know my pricing over the years has included the session fee as well as a limited number of digitals. Although this has worked out for quite a few people, it hasn’t always been the best option for all clients. And with wanting to accommodate as many people as possible I’ve decided to change my pricing structure. Not only will the new pricing give you more options to choose from, but it will benefit every party involved. As you may or may not know, running a small business full-time no less can be very stressful and difficult. I’ve been looking back on 2016, 2017 and of course now 2018 and I’ve realized that I’ve been pricing myself in a way that was not profitable as a full-time business, I was barely paying myself minimum wage. We all know how difficult working on minimum wage can be, am I right? With that being said, I hope that you can all understand where this is coming from and that you continue to support me in my endeavours and continue to favour the quality and experience that I provide over that of possibly a ”cheaper” photographer. I didn’t want to hide anything from you and wanted to be up front and open about why these changes were being made. I truly believe that this will be best for everyone! With that being said here is how the new Pricing structure will work:
Ottawa photographer samantha danis photography maternity newborn lifestyle

  • Session fees are due in full at the time of booking to secure your date.
  • Session fees are non-refundable.
  • Printed and digital products are purchased separately and are not included in the session fee.
  • Payment can be made via etransfer or cheque.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Special promotions and other offers cannot be combined.
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