The sun is out and the flowers are blooming, it’s the time of year where every body is starting to realize that their family photos need updating! It’s the time of years where Momma’s to be want to go out and get memories of their baby belly captured. It’s the time of year where engaged couples want to commemorate such an important time of their lives. It’s THAT time of year my friends, and I am here to help with the costs.

      Ottawa has many people in it, and many people also have cameras and these people often come out and start advertising very very cheap sessions to grow a portfolio, and more power to them. But with these ”photographers” we don’t get that high end quality images that one would see from a professional, so what are we to do? Well what I want to offer clients is a discounted session that will offer the high quality finished product that you would be proud to frame on your wall. With that being said, I am offering a discount on all sessions for 2018! Deals, am I right?

      Listed below are the regular prices for all sessions with the adjusted price to reflect the discounts:

      All Sessions are one hour and include 20 fully edited images in High resolution.
      30mins sessions are also available for $300 and include 5 images.

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